Лауреаты Нобелевской премии: самые популярные открытия в медицине

In 2017, the Nobel Prize winners in medicine discovered the mechanism of the biological clock, which directly affects the health of the body. Scientists have not only been able to explain how everything happens, but also to prove that the frequent failure of these rhythms leads to an increased risk of disease.

Today, estet-portal.com will tell not only about this important discovery, but also remember other scientists whose discoveries in medicine turned the world upside down. If before that you were not interested in the Nobel Prize, then today you will understand how its discoveries affected the quality of your life!

1. Laureates of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine – what did they discover
2. Nobel Laureates in Medicine: Top 10 Most Important Discoveries

Laureates of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine – what did they discover

Geoffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael Young were able to explain how the biological clock works. A group of scientists found out exactly how plants, animals and people adapt to the cyclic changes of night and day.
It turned out that the so-called circadian rhythms are regulated by period genes. At night, they encode a protein in the cells, which is consumed during the day.

The biological clock is responsible for a number of processes in the body – hormone levels, metabolic processes, sleep and body temperature. If the external environment does not correspond to internal rhythms, then we get a deterioration in well-being. If this happens frequently – risk of disease increases.

The biological clock directly affects the functioning of the body. If their rhythm does not coincide with the current environment, then not only the state of health worsens, but also the risk of certain diseases increases.

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Nobel Laureates in Medicine: Top 10 Most Important Discoveries

Medical discoveries do not just give scientists new information, they help make a person's life better, maintain his health, and help overcome diseases and epidemics. The Nobel Prize has been awarded since 1901 – and over a century of more than a century, many discoveries have been made. On the website of the award, you can find a kind of rating of the personalities of scientists and the results of their scientific work. Of course, one cannot say that one medical discovery is less important than another.

But we will give here a kind of rating in which the Nobel Prize winners are "lined up" in order of increasing importance of their discoveries:

1. Francis Crick – this British scientist received an award in 1962 for his detailed study of the structure of DNA. He was also able to reveal the significance of nucleic acids for the transmission of information from generation to generation.

2. Ronald Ross – he received the Nobel Prize in 1902. Research has yielded important information regarding malaria. It was proved exactly how the parasite enters the body, which made it possible to begin the development of methods for preventing the disease and its treatment.

3. Karl Landsteiner – immunologist who discovered in 1930 that humanity has several blood types. This has made blood transfusion a safe and common practice in medicine and has saved the lives of many people.

4. Tu Yuyu – this woman received an award in 2015 for developing new, more effective treatments for malaria. She discovered a drug that is made from wormwood. By the way, it was Tu Yuyou who became the first woman in China to receive the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

5. Severo Ochoa – He received the Nobel Prize for discovering the mechanisms of biological synthesis of DNA and RNA. It happened in 1959.

6. Yoshinori Osumi – these scientists discovered the mechanisms of autophagy. The Japanese received the award in 2016.

7. Robert Koch – Probably one of the most famous Nobel Prize winners. This microbiologist in 1905 discovered tubercle bacillus, vibrio cholerae and anthrax. The discovery made it possible to begin to fight these dangerous diseases, from which many people died every year.

8. James Dewey – American biologist who, in collaboration with two of his colleagues, discovered the structure of DNG. It happened in 1952.

9. Ivan Pavlov – the first laureate from Russia, an outstanding physiologist, who in 1904 received a prize for his revolutionary work on the physiology of digestion.

10. Alexander Fleming – This outstanding British bacteriologist discovered penicillin. It happened in 1945 – and fundamentally changed the course of history.

Each of these outstanding people has contributed to the development of medicine. It probably cannot be measured by material goods or awarding titles. However, these Nobel Prize winners, thanks to their discoveries, will forever remain in the history of mankind!

Ivan Pavlov, Robert Koch, Ronald Ross and other scientists – they all made important discoveries in the field of medicine that helped save the lives of many people. It is thanks to their work that we now have the opportunity to receive real help in hospitals and clinics, we do not suffer from epidemics, we know how to treat various dangerous diseases.

Nobel Prize winners in medicine – these are outstanding people whose discoveries helped save hundreds of thousands of lives. It is thanks to their efforts that we now have the opportunity to treat even the most complex diseases. The level of medicine has increased many times over in just one century, in which at least a dozen important discoveries for mankind happened. However, every scientist who has been nominated for the award already deserves respect. It is thanks to such people that we can stay healthy and full of strength for a long time! And how many important discoveries are still ahead of us!

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