17 самых интересных фактов о человеческом теле

The human body – one of the most complex and intricate mysteries of nature. Scientists and doctors have not yet fully figured out how this system works, although it has been studied for many centuries. And even the usual physical phenomena, whether it be sneezing or hair growth, hide a lot of amazing and inexplicable things. Something that can cause genuine interest. The editors of the Internet publication estet-portal.com have selected 17 of the most interesting facts about the human body. This compilation is sure to surprise you and make you scrutinize yourself.

The most interesting facts about the human "computer" – brain

Brain – an important organ of the human body, which, like a computer, absorbs and processes a ton of information every day. But this is one of the most complex systems that never ceases to amaze scientists. Here are some of the most interesting facts about her:

1.    The brain needs as much energy to function as a small light bulb, even when a person is sleeping.
2.    The brain works more actively at night than during the day. The fact is that as soon as a person falls asleep, this body is included in the work. This is manifested in vivid dreams, many of which are stored in memory for a long time. Scientists are still puzzling over this phenomenon.
3.    The brain and pain are closely related. For example, if a person gets hurt, this organ immediately gives a signal about problems and a feeling of pain appears.

So arranged by nature that the brain itself does not hurt.

A few words about muscles and bones

Muscles and bones serve as the frame of the body, which allows us to walk, run, and even just lie down. And here are some facts about such body parts:

4.    In order to smile, a person strains 17 facial muscles. And to create a sour mine on the face, you need to tighten up by including as many as 43 muscles in the work.
5.    Lower jaw– the heaviest and strongest bone in the human body.
6.    Language – the strongest muscle of the body, which a person pumps every day, talking, chewing food and swallowing.

Most interesting facts: hair and nails

These parts of the body are the object of beauty. For their well-groomed ladies spend a lot of time and money. Hair and nails also store a lot of interesting things:

7.    Hair is not afraid of either cold or heat. Despite the fact that the hair catches fire easily, it practically does not collapse under the influence of cold, water, snow and other climatic factors.
8.    Growth of nails depends on the time of day and climate. So, during the day and in a warm climate, they grow faster than at night in a cold climate.
9.    In the world, there are 3% of natural redheads and only 2% of owners of blond hair. All other – fair-haired, brunettes, brown-haired and bald.

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Eyes – a mirror of the soul and not only...

Eyes – an amazing organ that allows us to see the world in all its colors. What else interesting does he hide in himself?

10.   Human eyes only perceive red, yellow and blue colors. All other shades are a combination of these colors.
11.    Brown eyes are actually blue, covered with brown pigment.
12.    The pupils of the eyes dilate when a person looks at the object of his love.

What are the most interesting facts about the navel

navel – the most attractive part of the abdomen. Therefore, it is no coincidence that many people focus on her, decorating her with a beautiful earring. What else is hidden in this beautiful cavity?

13.    The navel is considered the first scar in a person's life. It is formed after cutting the umbilical cord.
14.    There are about 1400 types of bacteria in the human navel. Most of them do not harm the body. But if there is a decrease in immunity or a person has a sunburn, these bacteria can be harmful to health.
15.    navel – an excellent place to mask the incision after abdominal surgery. After all, the scar after surgery hides in a natural depression.

Intercourse and Pregnancy Facts

Sex plays a huge role in the life of every person. After all, it serves as the main condition for procreation. Perhaps you did not even know about some things of this part of life and pregnancy.
16.    Sex improves women's memory. As a result of a recent study, it turned out that, making love regularly, the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity remember words and phrases better. This phenomenon is due to the fact that blood flow to the hippocampal region of the brain increases.
17.    Fingerprints – unique feature of the human body. What is most interesting, it begins to appear in a person when he is still in the womb, and in the early stages of development.

We have considered the most interesting facts of the human body. But this collection of amazing secrets does not end there. After all, there are still so many interesting and unknown things in a person.

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