Либидо у мужчин и либидо у женщин – 8 интересных фактов

Sexual energy, called libido, not only plays a big role in choosing a partner or arranging a personal life. It characterizes the person himself, predicts behavior in certain cases, and helps to maintain self-confidence. What types of libido do men have, are they different from female libidos, and is so important that they fit together? Read this article.

Libido in men and women — Are there any differences?

The concept of libido is universal. There are several basic types of sexual energy that characterize representatives of both sexes.

  1. Sensual — the greatest role in the relationship is played by the emotional component.

  2. Dependent — for these people, sex is a way to relieve stress.

  3. Depressed — occurs in insecure people who avoid intimacy.

  4. Suspended — usually this type of libido is not very interested in developing relationships, but has nothing against them.

  5. Erotic — for him, the emotional component is inextricably linked with sexual attraction, such people consider sex an integral part of a romantic relationship in general.

  6. Addictive — addicted type, for whom sex becomes something like a mania (against its background, many diseases associated with sex life develop).

  7. Reactive — a partner in a relationship constantly sacrifices his interests for the sake of another, sacrificial and suppressed by others.

  8. Compulsive — the mood of people depends on the environment, the right environment plays an important role in relationships and intimacy (most often found among fetishists).

  9. Disinterested — for this type of libido, attraction is not the main, but an additional part of the relationship.

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8 interesting facts about libido

Libido — it's not just sexual desire

Sometimes there is no attraction, but there physical nothing interferes with intimacy. Sometimes there is more than enough desire — and the body is not ready. This situation is quite normal and may change over time. The libido of men, like the libido of women, consists of two interrelated parts. The first is mental (in itself a desire), the second — physical (excitation and reactions of the body). They don          not always act with the same force or simultaneously.

There is no concept of a proper libido

We are all different. For some, desire may appear immediately, for someone in the process, and for someone you need to make every effort to get pleasure. The body reacts differently and the correct or normal libido simply doesn exist.

Trying to make the libido normal can hurt

Self-esteem first. Those who worry about a temporary lack of sexual arousal or because of too much attraction, trying to make them normal, are prone to neurosis, can provoke problems with self-esteem and confidence.

The more testosterone in the body, the higher the level of libido

That's why, over time, the degree of attraction decreases. In young people, the level of the hormone is much higher than, say, at the age after 40 years, when the attraction to the opposite sex cools down.

Drugs do not affect libido

The use of some oral contraceptives may reduce arousal, but the usually written about it on the package.

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Aphrodisiacs — myth

Science has not confirmed the direct effect of aphrodisiac products on the degree of sexual arousal. Therefore, eating strawberries or oysters is worth it if you love them.

Alcohol damages libido

It reduces the conduction of nerve endings and acts as a sedative. If you drink too much — can cause a depressive state.

If the type of libido does not match — it doesn't mean lack of desire

The thought of that your partner has cooled you at the moment when you strive for intimacy can damage not only your self-esteem, but   relationships. A person may have other sexual needs that are not related to you or your appearance. It is better to understand this fact at once, to try to find a joint solution that satisfies both. Otherwise, problems in relationships and intimacy simply cannot be avoided.

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