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Gonarthrosis – degenerative changes in the joint, which lead to its gradual destruction. The disease requires timely treatment to stop the progression and associated negative changes. Gonarthrosis manifests itself as pain in the joint, limited mobility, swelling. The person begins to limp, it is difficult for him to lean on the affected limb. When such symptoms appear, it is necessary to be examined and begin treatment of gonarthrosis of the knee joint.

The editors of estet-portal.com will tell you what kind of therapy is needed in case of diagnosis of this disease.

Gonarthrosis of the knee joint: causes that require attention

Gonarthrosis of the knee requires not only the treatment of the disease itself. You also need to determine the reason why it appeared – and eliminate it. Without this important condition, treatment may not be as effective as expected. Therefore, be careful about your health. Especially over the age of 40, and also if you are involved in professional sports, if your work is associated with strong physical exertion. As soon as you have discovered the disease, it is necessary to begin treatment. Delay threatens with loss of mobility and deformation of the joint.

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The most important factor in the development of gonarthrosis is excess weight and prolonged strong physical exertion. The latter can be both in sports and in those people who regularly work physically, lifting weights.

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In addition, the following factors are the causes of the disease:

  • lack of exercise or lack of movement;

  • in old age – frequent climbing stairs;

  • disturbed metabolism;

  • changes in cartilage associated with age;

  • knee injuries;

  • joint surgery.

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Besides, gonarthrosis is also a hereditary disease – if close relatives have it, then it is likely that you may eventually encounter the same problem. Therefore, for prevention, it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise moderately, and avoid frequent weight lifting. And you need to be regularly examined to detect changes already at the initial stage.

Treatment options for gonarthrosis of the knee

Gonarthrosis of the knee refers to chronic diseases that cannot be completely cured. However, you can stop the progression, normalize the human condition. Such measures will allow you to lead a normal life and not worry about pain, not suffer from limited mobility.

Treatment of the disease is mainly conservative. To do this, use drugs to relieve pain and to replace the synovial fluid. Apply and chondroprotectors – they stimulate the natural renewal of cartilage tissue. They must be taken strictly in courses so that the treatment has a pronounced effect. Drugs that replace synovial fluid are injected directly into the joint.

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As soon as the disease is diagnosed, it is necessary to use a cane when walking – it will reduce the load on the affected joint. For a while, limit physical activity, give up sports. However, physiotherapy exercises – recommendations for its implementation will be given by a specialist.


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If the disease is in the second and third stages of development, surgery is used as a treatment. Endoprosthetics is performed, which is necessary if conservative treatment does not work, mobility is limited, constant pain is observed.

You will need to balance your diet, give up bad habits. Without this, effective treatment of gonarthrosis of the knee joint is impossible. In the diet you need to include foods with a high content of B vitamins, collagen. For an effective treatment menu, contact a nutritionist.

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