Метод КонМари: философия уборки в доме по-японски

Hate  cleaning? Try looking at it a little differently. The KonMari method will help you with this. It was invented by the Japanese Marie Kondo, hence the name. This little girl made quite a splash when she released the book Magical Cleaning. The Japanese art of putting things in order at home and in life». The book spread around the world (3 million copies sold), and its author was included in the list of the most influential people according to Time magazine in 2015. And all this only because Marie tells how to organize life so that cleaning is a joy. Intrigued? Read more in this article.

The KonMari Method: Japanese House Cleaning Secrets

Marie has been reading housewife magazines since 5 years, and since 15 she started looking for a new way to tidy up the house without monotonous, repetitive actions. As a result, she came to the conclusion that the mess does not depend on how often the owner cleans or how much things the owner has. It's the  wrong organization of life, because of which the clutter returns, no matter how clean up.

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Marie doesn't think the point of cleaning is to get rid of the dust or sweep the floors. Cleaning should free up space, make it harmonious. Once we've freed the housing from rubbish, put things in their places, we  "reboot" own ideas about order and maintaining it becomes easy and natural. And beautiful cleaning once a week takes less time and brings only pleasure.

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In many ways, Marie's approach repeats the principle of the Japanese philosophy of minimalism: every thing should be both useful and beautiful. The Japanese are not  supporters of forcing shelves with decorative useless souvenirs, on the contrary, empty space for them — supreme beauty. Our mentality is different, for us things express both status and wealth. Getting rid of these stereotypes is difficult, but without this it will not be possible to organize life correctly.

8 life hacks from Marie Kondo to help you get organized once and forever

The KonMari Method is not only motivation, but and a set of very specific instructions and advice. Try practice      you can transform your home.

1. Throw away the trash

The most difficult, sometimes impossible requirement. Although in fact everything is simple. Pick up something and ask yourself a couple of questions. Does this thing make me happy? I need her? Two "no's" and the item flies into the trash bag with no regrets.

2. Create a "hall of fame"

Yes, some things are absolutely impossible to throw away. Essentially useless, they are invaluable to our memory. Marie proposes to allocate a place for them in plain sight, to create a kind of mini-museum that will delight and remind you of happy moments. The key word here is mini.

3. Get rid of "homemade" clothes

Like you can put on people, but and throw    — I will wear at home. Familiar? The KonMari method eliminates the storage of unnecessary or old things "for the home or for nature". Always and everywhere you need to wear comfortable, beautiful and fashionable clothes, and not old rubbish, which the hand has not risen to throw away. T garbage!

4. Fold and store things properly

Marie's method involves vertical storage of things folded in a certain way. So clothes take up little space, wrinkle less. Each thing needs to be folded so as to make a small rectangle out of it. For example, this is how Marie suggests folding jeans.



A like this T-shirts:



Folded things should be placed not in stacks, but vertically, like books on shelves. In this way, storage can be optimized: you can immediately see where which thing is, it is easy to get the right item. Yes, you will need special organizers for drawers, but spending once, you will finally be able to bring perfect order to wardrobe.

5. Sort everything by categories

This applies to clothes, and dishes, everything! Most of the things belonging to the same category are scattered throughout all the rooms. Try to find something for each category — the only — place. In the process, you will see how much excess and unnecessary has accumulated.

6. Don't keep things "just in case"

Disposable tableware, makeup samples that you will definitely take with you on your next trip, accessories that did fit anything but maybe in the future   t garbage! "Someday" means "never", part with  such without regret or give yourself some time, after which you will definitely throw away the unwanted item.

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7. Always put the item in place

A simple but hard requirement. There is a great temptation to leave the cup on the table, and, having come from work, throw the bag on the bedside table. Get into the habit of always putting things where the rest of the 

8. Don't let storage systems multiply and spread throughout your home

If the cups don't fit in the same place — one of the two: either there are too many cups, or they need a bigger shelf. But don't arrange another storage for cups, it's not right.

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Marie rightly believes that for a normal life we ​​need very few things. It is possible that from the first time it will not be possible to really get rid of all the trash, but with each time its amount should become less and less. Purpose — a house filled with light, spacious and cozy. And when it becomes like this, cleaning will turn into 

a pleasant and easy task.

From order shelves to spiritual harmony

The environment affects our outlook and self-perception. And Marie is convinced that a man will not be successful in business and personal life while he lives in a cluttered space. "Put your house in order, and you tidy your life" the Japanese thinks. It's impossible to focus on anything when you're surrounded by chaos. That's why many people start cleaning instead of getting to the important thing (preparing for the exam, doing the work). This is a subconscious desire to put things in order in & nbsp; thoughts through putting things in order around you.

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Marie works as a consultant, helps to put things in order in an apartment or office, teaches housewives to organize life. According to                  has not yet contacted her again, which means that the KonMari method is working. Moreover, many clients write that it was the total cleaning that became the event that launched the chain of favorable changes.

The main thing that Marie is trying to convey to her readers — give up old habits and patterns, give way to the new. The reorganization of everyday life includes a reboot of our thinking. The outer clutter reflects the inner, so why not reverse the process? Throw trash from shelves, — and you make room in your life for happiness and joyful thoughts.

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