Foreplay can not only prepare each other for intercourse, but also improve the quality of your sex. It is worth noting that although men are excited faster than women, they still need to activate their erogenous zones. And there are plenty of such zones in men. Today Estet-portal will tell you about where male erogenous zones are located and what to do with them.

Often during sexual intercourse, partners make do with genital stimulation, ignoring the needs of their bodies. But for greater excitement and satisfaction of a partner, it is simply necessary to find and please his sensitive places.

After all, at the same time, you yourself will experience excitement, since a huge number of nerve endings have been collected at the tip of the tongue and at the fingertips. Thus, caressing your partner, you stimulate your erogenous zones, which brings you sexual pleasure.

What erogenous zones do men have

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So, the erogenous zones of a man. Oddly enough, many men simply tremble from licking and nibbling on their ear. But from long French kisses, few people get bliss, so it's better not to delay this moment (unless it's the beginning of your relationship).

Also, a man likes caressing his breasts. And although compared to the female breast, the male one is less sensitive, but the circular movements of the hands or the touch of one's own breasts cause unforgettable sensations in the representatives of the stronger sex.

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Where else do men have erogenous zones

Man's back is often neglected. But in vain. Stroking the area between the shoulder blades, you give a man a feeling of masculinity and strength, which in turn only enhances the excitement. A powerful sexual charge is hidden in the muscles of the male buttocks. Light strokes or harder pats will give a man sexual pleasure.

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At one time, courtesans used one secret to increase male activity after a tiring day: they massaged the male sacrum, which led to an increase in male energy. So do not forget to pay attention to this "magic" button of your man!

Man's hands and feet are also erogenous zones. The variety of stimulation of these zones gives flight to the imagination of everyone.

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The most erogenous zones for men

And when your man is prepared and warmed up with intimate caresses of the whole body, you can move on to gentle, soft touches to the male genitals. Massage of the erogenous zones, especially the genitals, when the scrotum, testicles and phallus are captured in a single ring of fingers and pulled up to the lower abdomen, produces an indescribably exciting effect on a man.

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And, of course, oral games with these parts of the body will bring your man to ecstasy! To enhance erection, you can also caress the area between the scrotum and anus – a very erogenous zone for many men.

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Massage of a man's erogenous zones will not only lead to the achievement of true pleasure, but will also bring pleasure to you. After all, the stimulation of a partner often leads to the stimulation of their own erogenous zones. Therefore, Estet-portal wishes you excellent sex and true pleasure. And do not forget to protect yourself, unless, of course, you are going to have children.

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