Every year on December 31st, we solemnly promise ourselves,  that as soon as January 1 comes, we will begin to radically change our lives. Probably, this is familiar to many, as well as the fact that often these promises and oaths are forgotten after a week, everything goes on as usual and, unfortunately, absolutely no changes occur. But the beginning of the year – and really a great opportunity to start from scratch. To succeed, follow our tips on how to start a new life. You will definitely succeed!

How to start a new life: stages of setting goals and achieving them

  1. Clearly state your desires. To fix them, take a piece of paper and write down everything that you would like to do this year. Don't limit yourself! Write whatever comes to mind: it could be buying a new lipstick or painting the walls in your room, changing jobs or signing up for art classes.

After all your thoughts are put on paper, carefully reread your desires and think carefully about how much you want to fulfill each of them. If you have the slightest doubt about  one of the – feel free to cross it off the list.

  1. Next step – turning desires into goals. To do this, they need to be rewritten, starting with the words "I want"; and adding specifics. For example, I want to do yoga 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Thanks to this, abstract dreams are transformed into realistically achievable and understandable goals.
  2. Now you know what you really want. What to do next? Decide when you will start doing what will help you start a new life. Let's be realistic: no one gets up at 8 am on January 1st after a very fun holiday to go for a run. Therefore, a more realistic date should be chosen.

At first glance, everything is simple, but for this scheme to really work, you need to use some "chips".

Think of "candy". Remember what a coveted reward awaited you for doing something well? Most likely, it was something sweet, right? And now you need to come up with a prize for your efforts. Regularly stubbornly improve your figure in the gym – buy yourself something beautiful at the end of the month (dress, bracelet, etc.). Struggling to get promoted and working desperately every day – pamper yourself with a massage session.

Find support. Probably, every person in the environment will find people who can support and cheer him up if his hands drop. If there are no such people – will have to cope on their own. A great option in this situation are motivational stickers pasted around the house, which will say "I can do it!", "I can do it!". Look at them every day and do not stop on the way to your goal.

Look for inspiration. Read stories  and watch films about people who managed to start a new life and achieve success.  Communicate with cheerful and active personalities. The achievements of others should be perceived by you as an incentive and confirmation that your goal – absolutely real.

Don't go to extremes. Agree, to promise yourself under no circumstances, in any case, never and never to use chocolate, is a little silly, because sooner or later some yummy will instantly destroy these hopes. It's much more realistic to limit yourself to small pieces of chocolate a day.

Imagine that your wish has already come true. Closing your eyes, try to imagine how you finally put on the same dress that used to be too big for you, decorate the wall with your paintings or get a promotion. Feel these emotions.

New Year – perfect time to start a new life. This time since childhood is special for each of us and is associated with magic, joy, during this period one wants to dream. It's time to act to make all dreams come true!

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