Первые признаки Альцгеймера или просто забывчивость

Our memory is amazing, we remember things through the associations we make with new information. But, probably, such a situation happened to everyone when you forgot the word, name, name, designation. The most irritating thing is that the phrase "spins on the tongue", but some block of the psyche or memory prevents it from being remembered. In order not to make a long pause, we resort to the help of substitute words: “how is it”, “so to speak”, “the same one”. In the world of science, this concept is called lethology. This is the inability to sequentially, along the chain, find the word in memory.

Can you deal with your forgetfulness? What is – Is it just absent-mindedness or an obvious health problem? This will tell estet-portal.com.

The words – why does memory fail

The main psychological causes of forgetfulness are the moment when stressful situations occur in a person's life, a person does not get along with himself, life seems to him a difficult and impassable test.

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There are several theories according to which our brain forgets words and information:

• in memory, memories are superimposed on each other, when new information arrives, the old is forced out, or vice versa – the previous address of the house will still for a long time force out the new one from your memory;

• disappearance of information from long-term memory – according to researchers, our brain itself gets rid of unnecessary information;

• another theory, on the contrary, says that we do not forget anything, but simply do not extract the necessary information, memory needs a hint to pull out information, and this can be a taste, a smell, a place, people;

• there is a theory that how quickly we remember a word,

  It is necessary to distinguish between simple forgetfulness of words and serious problems with memory. Normal forgetfulness and distraction is most likely caused by stress, depression, or recent experiences. If you can’t remember the name of your favorite singer, but when you hear his name, you immediately remember, then you shouldn’t worry – memory impairment is systemic. But if the violations are of a larger nature: you forget where you are, do not remember the names of your relatives, or what you did 5 minutes ago, then this is a serious reason

to turn to specialists.

The words – main symptoms of memory failureMy default image

Many people worry when they forget words, information. This is correct, because the violation of memory – one of the hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease.
This list will give you a hint when forgetfulness is just your hallmark and when to sound the alarm:

• perhaps your memory is impaired due to age. The aging process is inevitable, and at 60 you don’t remember everything as well as at 20, this is obvious. So if you can't remember someone's name when you're older, chances are you just need to be reminded;• sometimes, due to the physical and moral workload at work, you can forget, for example, to go to the store after work. It is impossible to keep everything under control, so slow down a bit and rest;

• chronic lack of sleep also affects our memory. Lack of sleep leads to changes in the part of the brain that is responsible for memory, attention and the ability to remember;

• the actions familiar to us are so brought to automaticity that we simply forget whether we turned off the stove or iron, closed the front door, or fed the cat. This is how our brain saves energy;

• you may be taking medications that tend to act on memory, carefully study the instructions;

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• drinking excessive amounts of alcohol also takes away your memory, some of its segments, and possibly entire episodes. The more alcohol you drink, the less likely you are to remember something;

• Interruptions in the work of memory can occur in connection with injuries in which there was an effect on the brain. If you hit your head seriously, it's best to see a doctor;

• in your family there were cases of dementia – Alzheimer's disease occurs more often after 65, but in 10% it appears at an earlier age. If you notice memory lapses, disorientation in space, loss in time, then you should contact a specialist. If the disease is detected at an early stage, it will be easier to cope and live with it. In the world every day, scientists discover new types of treatment;

• serious memory impairment also occurs due to hemorrhages, oncology. But at the same time, not only memory suffers, but a whole set of abilities.

If, passing by a familiar person, you did not remember his name or forgot to pick up your coat from the dry-cleaner, then you should not run to the doctor, perhaps you just need a vacation.
If something is forgotten and cannot be remembered at all, this is already a cause for concern and it is better to get checked by a specialist.

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