The female body – it is a mystery even to the woman herself. Constant mood swings even over trifles, especially with PMS, resentment or vice versa bursts of good mood are indicators of a special emotional world in which a woman – Queen. Everything seemed to be fine: there is work, and there is a husband, and the children are pleasing, but still something is missing. What exactly? Women share their recommendations, and we, in turn, collect them into a single list called: useful tips for women. Consider those things without which the female body cannot function harmoniously.

  1. Male energy.

A man and a woman simply cannot live without each other, and if this happens, then this is clearly not good. And it's not even about sex, although without satisfaction a woman is even worse. The point is to receive support and love from the stronger sex, because it is not in vain that he is “strong”. To support, envelop with tenderness and care, so that a woman believes in true protection and calms down. Male energy lives in the simple performance by a man of his duties (hammer, paint, repair, lift, move) and in relation to a woman. If your significant other does not know this, enlighten him unobtrusively so that he knows what is necessary for the happiness of his beloved. Useful advice for a woman says: a woman is as bad without a man as a man without a woman.

  1. Positive in everything

Feminine draws its strength in the emotional sphere, and this has been proven by many scientists, we just have to believe and accept it, and understand what to do with it. But, the share of positive emotions must be replenished every day. Jokes, practical jokes, humorous programs, a favorite pastime that gives a positive attitude. The more a woman smiles, the healthier she will be. Although a positive attitude towards everyone is just as important for men.

  1. Women's Affairs

Separation of household chores has been going on for a very long time. Women's lot to wash, iron, wash dishes. And some things can be interesting and give pleasure: playing, shopping, knitting or embroidering, doing crafts, creating jewelry or accessories for clothes, drawing, playing music or just listening, dancing.

  1. Friendship and gossip

Men talk about "women's gossip" with wariness and even contempt; and get-togethers. Women need so little: chat with friends, gossip, exchange information, discuss useful tips for women in their circle or occupation (for example, for moms). Truth is born in communication, no matter who said it.

  1. Physical activity and proper nutrition

Look toned and athletic, so that your skin shines with health, and your smile – good mood, weekly exercise and a properly selected diet will allow. You don’t need much, every other day, give physical exercises only 30 minutes, and all life will become brighter. It is important for a woman to maintain a slim figure, so you should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, juices, salads. Kashi as a lunch with boiled meat. Limit coffee intake, get rid of bad habits. For sweets, you should choose natural chocolate and dried fruits.

  1. Kindness Above All

First of all, a woman – it is mother, kindness and tenderness. Without kindness, the female body does not receive a dose of virtue. Things to do: knit a scarf and hat for your nephew, help an elderly neighbor clean the house, or cook dinner.

  1. Discharging

Negativity accumulates every day, the mood falls, the outlook on life from optimistic becomes evil. Let go of all the negative and evil, make a detente, scream into your pillow about your indignation or climb to the highest point in the city in the early morning and scream, look, everything will go away. More useful advice for a woman: do not hold evil, do not be offended, learn to forgive even the most difficult things and the misdeeds of others. You can’t accumulate resentment in your soul, because as a result, all the negativity will want to break out and ruin your life at the most inopportune moment.

  1. Solitude and meditation

Every person needs to have his own corner, which will become a refuge, a haven where you can retire and think, surrender to relaxation and rest. Maybe for one person it will be an ordinary place in a favorite cafe, but for someone it will be necessary to plunge into silence and tranquility in a bath or near the water, so that the murmur of a stream soothes.

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