Приводим в порядок десны: лечение пародонтита

Periodontitis – This is a dangerous gum disease, the untimely treatment of which can lead to tooth loss and a number of other negative consequences. It all starts with a little bleeding, which many people don't pay attention to. However, it is at this stage that the development of the disease can be stopped by preventing tooth loss. Treatment of periodontitis is possible at all its stages, but in advanced cases it is necessary to resort to prosthetics to restore the dentition. Use the advice of estet-portal.com to prevent this from happening.

First symptoms and causes of periodontitis

Periodontitis – It is a disease that comes on gradually. It does not appear immediately, but it takes several months or a couple of years for its development to the stage when the problem becomes apparent.

The symptoms of periodontitis are as follows:
•    itching and bleeding gums;
•    discomfort during chewing;
•    painful sensations when food gets between the teeth;
•    tooth mobility and loose gums;
•    Increased tooth sensitivity;
•    in the advanced phase, pus may be observed.

Of course, these symptoms indicate that the disease is already present. However, you can prevent the onset of the disease at an early stage if you know the causes of its occurrence:
1.    Incorrect oral hygiene – ignoring the rules of oral care puts you at risk. Therefore, correct brushing twice a day, using floss and mouthwash to remove food debris is mandatory.
2.    The predominance of soft foods in the diet – this leads to a violation of the blood supply to the gums as a result of an improper load on them.
3.   Smoking affects the oral cavity – tobacco smoke leads to a problem with the vessels in the oral cavity.
4.&     Lack of vitamins and microelements, weakened immunity.
5.    Diabetes mellitus.
6.    Tight fit of teeth to each other.

All of these factors put you at risk of developing periodontitis. Therefore, it is necessary to visit the dentist regularly in order to identify violations in the condition of the gums in time. Timely treatment of periodontitis can prevent the negative consequences of this disease. You should pay attention to the very first signs – bleeding gums and discomfort when chewing. They signal the first stage of the development of the disease. It is at this stage that treatment should be started in order to prevent deterioration.

The first sign of periodontitis – bleeding gums and a feeling of discomfort while chewing food. This is the first stage of the disease, when the treatment of periodontitis can help to avoid negative consequences. If you delay going to the doctor, the gums become loose, the teeth begin to loosen and fall out.

Periodontitis treatment and prevention

Which path of treatment of periodontitis to choose in your case depends on the stage of development of the disease. If you sounded the alarm on time, the specialist will prescribe a set of procedures that stop the further progression of the disease. The most popular method in this case is the so-called closed curettage. This procedure is the removal of tartar and plaque, which allows you to remove inflammation and return the gums to their natural position. Vector therapy is also used, when teeth and gums are cleaned using a gel and ultrasound. The advantage of this method is that in addition to stone and plaque, it also destroys bacteria that provoke the development of the disease.

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The next stage of treatment will be anti-inflammatory therapy using antifungal and antibacterial drugs, vitamins, antibiotics. These can be ointments, injections, or supplements to be taken with food.

If a person went to the doctor in the later stages of the disease, then the treatment of periodontitis is impossible without surgical intervention. So, with excessive atrophy of the bone tissue, it may be necessary to remove the nerve. Lost teeth are restored with prosthetics or implants.

As you can see, seeking help in the early stages will not only help maintain the integrity of the dentition, but will also be much cheaper. Treatment of advanced periodontitis – with the replacement of lost teeth with new ones – will require significant expenses.

The most effective treatment of periodontitis will be at an early stage, when plaque and calculus are removed for this purpose, and anti-inflammatory therapy is used. In the later stages, surgery and prosthetics cannot be dispensed with.

The loss of even one tooth is unpleasant, and periodontitis is dangerous because you can lose the entire dentition. To prevent the development of this disease, it is necessary to carefully observe oral hygiene, periodically go to the dentist for preventive examinations, and also adhere to a healthy diet rich in vitamins and trace elements. It is easier to prevent the disease than to spend time and money on the treatment of periodontitis. If the diagnosis is made, do not postpone the cure until better times, because every day of delay adds problems with the gums and teeth, therefore, after the elimination of the consequences of periodontitis, it can cost much more.

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