The fact that thought has an extraordinary power that can embody any desire is confirmed today not only by Buddhist teachings, but also by quantum physics and psychology. Spiritist theories have found scientific proof. How does this mysterious power of thought work and how to fulfill your desire? Read more about it on

Secrets of the subconscious and contactless embodiment of desire

   According to modern scientists, the Universe makes exactly zero effort to realize any desire that the soul of a mortal desires. Any desire can come true only if it is comprehended and it is demanded by all nature. Such a dream is called passionate. It fills all thoughts, becoming a part of the essence, an element flowing in the blood. It is necessary not only to wish, but also to see the embodiment of the plan, to feel it as if it had already come true. This incarnation must also be tasted and touched, heard, felt this environment. Thus, the embodiment of desire in thoughts becomes a complete realization.

   At the same time, the embodiment of your desire must be able to recognize and be grateful for what happened. Do not expect magic, nothing will arise from scratch. Realization of desire – this part of the new history, which will be closely connected with the past.

   It is worth noting that negative thoughts and fears can come true in the same way. Trying to look his fear in the eye, a person begins to surround himself with an unfavorable environment, heading along the direct path to the realization of his nightmare. Therefore, it is necessary to make it a rule to think: “Only good things happen to me now.”

   People who do not know how to enjoy life, do not want to accept and appreciate it, do not bring positive attitudes in society, will not be able to get their desire realized. The root cause lies in the fact that a person who does not appreciate today is not able to appreciate the positive aspects of the events taking place with him. Being hostile to the environment, thinking that he can get what he wants somewhere there, and not here, he is not able to attract positive things to himself. In addition, his hostile behavior in society causes a reciprocal negative assessment. A person who provokes antipathy will not induce good thoughts in his address. The energy of people all over the world is interconnected, and negative desires in relation to other people can become mutual obstacles on the way.

Traditional meditation for the fulfillment of a wish

   To fulfill their desire, fans of classical spiritualistic methods can use a recipe from Indian teachings. According to the ideas of the ancient Hindus, a miraculous tree with wide spreading branches grows in the spiritual world. He has an altar of desires, studded with jewels. From time to time, a wonderful bird sits on the branches of a tree, capable of fulfilling any desire. To see this marvelous place, you need to look at the world with spiritual eyes. Meditation will help with this.

Lie on your back in a comfortable position. Breathing should be deep and calm, the body – relaxed. Imagine that the trunk of this miraculous tree – this is your heart, and the branches are the blood vessels and capillaries that radiate throughout the body. Feel how your heart beats, how it pulsates, leaving a quiet echo in the bodily emptiness. Feel how blood flows through the veins, passing through the heart.  Feel the energy that glows inside the heart, making the body live. Imagine how a beautiful bird sits on one of the branches, chirps and moves its small but smart head. Mentally approach her and give away your secret desire, which is hidden in the very heart.

   If during this meditation you do not fall asleep and have time to make a wish, it will surely come true.

    While waiting for the realization of your dream, do not forget to work, approaching it with the help of desire and work. Read more about meditation at

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