Старение по знаку Зодиака

All signs of the Zodiac have their own characteristics of character, behavior and attitude to the world around them, which are unique to him. There are many different moments that suit only certain signs.

So, there are diets according to the signs of the zodiac and the search for a soul mate based on the compatibility of the location of the constellations. But as it turned out, even such a process as aging affects all signs in different ways. Therefore, today the editors of Estet-portal decided to tell you about how the signs of the zodiac age.

How do Aries get old

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Representatives of this sign do not dwell on their own age. Aries live for today, often without thinking about what tomorrow might bring them. Cheerfulness of spirit maintains in them the enormous energy of youth until old age. Most likely, the 60-year-old Aries will not wear a leather jacket, but he will not give up his passion for motorcycles. And he will do it with the same zeal and enthusiasm as before. Therefore, Aries age imperceptibly to themselves and almost imperceptibly to the people around them. Usually such grandparents are very fond of grandchildren.

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How do Taurus age

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Tauruses like to eat well, sometimes even more often than necessary. That is why with age they gain a lot of extra pounds. Over the years, the already stubborn Taurus become even more stubborn. But despite this, they live a long time due to their good endurance. Often they do not neglect communication with relatives and joint vacation trips, but it is almost impossible to convince an elderly Taurus to go on vacation on their own, as they cannot stand to get acquainted with the new environment on their own.

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How Gemini Ages

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Representatives of this sign set goals in their youth and confidently move forward, not intending to slow down over the years. Don't expect Gemini to go home early. Even in old age, you rarely see them resting, and even more so – without causes. Their career growth will continue until the very retirement, and if such an opportunity presents itself, long after its onset. Therefore, Geminis usually cause a lot of trouble for an employer who is trying to send them out of retirement. After all, they simply need constant movement.

How do Cancers age

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There are two types of Cancers: those who never grow up, and those who, in their old age, take care of others like Mother Teresa. With age, representatives of this sign require more respect for themselves. Cancers make excellent "classic" grandparents, which is what most children want to see them. They will always cook something delicious, take them to the zoo, or clean up after them in the nursery. Grandfather Cancer always strives to pass on his skills to his grandson. But it is worth remembering that they will do all this only if they see a return.

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Lions get old

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The indulgence that Leos are so susceptible to will become stronger over the years. By old age, they become calm, stately and slightly overgrown with extra pounds of personalities. Representatives of the sign crave universal respect and perhaps even worship, they want to serve as an authority and be the main role model. It is the Lions that mostly fill the shops near the entrances and know everything about everyone. Leo grandfathers generally do not retire for a long time and become mentors for the younger generation.

How Virgos get old

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As they age, most Virgos begin to perceive the world around them more negatively, especially if they lose control of their exorbitant tendency to be overly critical. Representatives of the sign maintain themselves in excellent shape and good health until old age, constantly improving themselves. As a rule, Virgos meet old age with fit ladies and gentlemen, somewhat strict, but exceptionally smart. Aging Virgos become even more picky in relation to the chosen ones of their children and to the children themselves too.

How Libra gets old

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Representatives of this sign are concerned about their own appearance all their lives, therefore they are ready for any steps, just to prevent the appearance of cellulite or wrinkles. As Libra grows old – No more zodiac signs age. They become regular clients of plastic surgeons and cosmetologists. Due to this, they most often manage to maintain youth for a long time, and even at sixty years old, Libra looks great. What is true, caring grandmothers are extremely rare, because most of all they are concerned about their appearance. 

How do Scorpios age

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With age, Scorpios become imposing and majestic. They consider themselves philosophers who have accumulated enough wisdom over the years, which they are always ready to share their knowledge with others. Unfortunately, sometimes older Scorpios become too obsessed with their own beliefs and goals. But at the same time, it is worth noting that good, albeit picky, teachers come out of Scorpios. You can easily get knowledge from Professor Scorpio, but it will be very difficult to pass his test.

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How do Sagittarians age

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Sagittarians try their best not to think about old age. Sometimes it even transforms into an obsession, and representatives of the sign begin to pester others with questions about their own age in the hope of getting a couple of compliments. However, these compliments are almost always justified, because Sagittarians somehow manage to remain attractive and sexy until old age. Moreover, many of them succeed with little or no effort. After all, most Sagittarians have been monitoring their nutrition and health all their lives, which ultimately helps them in their old age.

How do Capricorns age

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Sometimes it seems that for Capricorns, time flows in the opposite direction. Representatives of the sign are already born "little old men", serious beyond their years, responsible and wise. And as they grow older, more and more childishness and foolishness are added to them. Usually, in old age, Capricorns behave like absolute children. For this they are often loved by grandchildren. After all, such grandparents allow what parents forbid. Watch a little longer cartoons or eat sweets before dinner. Moreover, they not only allow their grandchildren to do this, but also play pranks with them with pleasure.

How Aquarians age

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Serious since childhood, Aquarians pay a lot of attention to their appearance, and over the years they do not get tired of it. Although with regard to expressing their own opinions, here the representatives of the sign cease to care what others think of them, therefore, by the age of 80, they begin to behave exclusively as they please. Therefore, the older Aquarius gets, the less people influence them. They are interested in someone else's opinion only when they themselves ask it. An aging Aquarius ages only outwardly, inside they remain young for many years.

How do Pisces get old

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Representatives of this sign are terribly afraid of old age: so much has not been lived, done and accomplished! For this reason, Pisces constantly spend a lot of time summarizing their life stages, counting accumulations and comparing balances. But the less they worry about this, the happier and longer they will live, because nothing depresses and shortens life as much as constant anxiety. Interestingly, often Pisces are not particularly worried about their appearance. Although constant experiences are strongly reflected in her.

As we can see, all zodiac signs age differently. Of course, it is impossible to say with certainty that in old age you will be just like that, but observing the behavior of the older generation allows young people to think. Therefore, Estet-portal wishes you to always remain young and adopt only good qualities.

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