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Management of energy flows through the spine

Man combines two streams of powerful energy: the Earth and the Cosmos. The movement of energy between these forces is carried out through the spine. The descending and ascending currents move along the spinal column, are distributed throughout the body and exit through the upper or lower chakras. Thus, there is an exchange of energy and a transformation to a person, saturation of the body with an impulse.

Human health directly depends on the purity of the channels and the flow of energy. Each vertebra conducts its own information and is responsible for its organs. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the management of energy flows in order not to resist the new and pure in us.

When a person has a curved spine, the cause is most likely an incorrect sitting position, unbalanced diet, lifestyle. As a result, the posture is distorted, problems with the brain and limbs begin, the work of digestion and the cardiovascular system is disrupted.

What emotions do we experience, how we react to the world around us, how we communicate and relate to other people – All this affects the health of the spine. That area of ​​the spine, in which the most problematic situations, begins to suffer. & nbsp; If we resist changes in us, do not allow energy to be released and fill us with new, cleansing, our spine also reacts and control of energy flows becomes impossible.

How is it possible to control energy flows through the spine

Let's look at all sorts of problems in each spinal region so that we can correct everything and immerse ourselves in the management of energy flows in the body. Designation C, T, L – cervical vertebrae

Management of the energy flows of the CERVICAL Spine:


Awkwardness, confusion, shyness, flight from fulfilling life; a feeling of uncertainty, constraint, incessant dialogue in oneself, apprehension prevails; looking back, afraid of misunderstanding; installation inside: "what will people say?"


You deny wisdom, do not recognize the understanding of others; indecision, anger, indignation, accusation, indignation; the feeling of insult, chagrin prevails; there is no harmony with life, lack of understanding of one's own personality.


Torment, hesitation, fear, take the blame of others; feel guilty; take on too much and fail.


Bitterness and resentment, suppressing anger, hiding anger and your feelings, holding back tears, crying inside yourself, torment, growing indignation.


Resentment, irony, fear, anxiety, restlessness, confusion in front of oneself and others; denial of good deeds, a heavy burden that drags you down more and more.


Stony, unwillingness to develop, no ability to adapt, no flexibility; confrontation, huge burden, opposition, overload.


Confusion, embarrassment, feeling of helplessness; self-doubt, apathy, inability to achieve what – or.

Management of energy flows of the thoracic spine:


Escape from responsibilities, inability to cope with influxes, lack of control over one's life.


Closed feelings, glass, limitation, unwillingness to feel; constant pain, aching wound.


Disorder, accumulation of resentment and anger, internal chaos,  closedness from the world and communication, unwillingness to open up.


Justification of oneself by the mistakes of others, vice, sentence, slander, condemnation, attacks.


Rage, anger, closeness; no way to let off steam.


Negativism, a sea of ​​negative emotions coming out; fear of the future; growing anxiety, self-dislike; angry at life.


Misunderstanding of how one can enjoy life, presence of pain, negativism.


It seems constantly that you are unlucky, overcome by obsessive thoughts; constant resistance to everything good and positive, prosperous.


All sins are blamed on others, accusation; sacrifice; feeling of disadvantage and vulnerability.


Fear of responsibility, lack of initiative; an urgent need to obey, to be a victim, the need to blame others, but not yourself.


Low self-esteem, self-doubt; fear of relationships.


There is no right to a happy life, despondency, a sense of danger, fear of love and affection; no ability to learn from one's mistakes.

Controlling the energy flows of the LUMBAR Spine:


Loneliness, misunderstanding, need for self-flagellation, constant feeling of insecurity.


The pain experienced in the past interferes, from which phobias and fear, hopelessness.


The whole life is turned on sex, sexual slavery on the basis of resentment, humiliation, insults; anger and anger, self-hatred.


No sense of sexuality, refutation of sex life; no financial stability; feeling of impotence, fear.


Seems to be in danger, no communication, difficulty getting to know each other; inability to enjoy; anger.

Management of energy flows of the SACUM. Anger and anger, old and hidden; lack of power, fortitude.

Management of energy flows of the KOPHIK. Lack of harmony with oneself; blaming oneself; contradictions.

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