The modern world dictates its own rules. Including the rhythm of life. Today, people in megacities are constantly somewhere in a hurry and late. Therefore, there is little time left for self-care. On the other hand, a well-groomed appearance is the hallmark of any modern person. Therefore, today the editors of Estet-portal decided to help solve this problem. We have prepared for you an overview of useful cosmetic procedures, each of which takes no more than an hour.

One hour procedure: cryolipolysis

The essence of the cryolipolysis procedure is to "freeze" local fat deposits. After that, fat cells are gradually destroyed and naturally excreted from the body. This cosmetic procedure does not cause pain. First you will feel cold, and then numbness of the area that was affected. Experts note that approximately 20% of body fat "disappears" after the first procedure.

Procedures in an hour: light therapy

Light therapy is one of the non-pharmacological ways to combat baldness. During a half-hour procedure, a special device acts on the hair follicles and stimulates their blood supply. It is worth noting that this procedure also inhibits the activity of the hormone dihydrotestosterone, which is one of the "culprits" of baldness.

One Hour Treatment: Cosmetic Lasers

Modern laser technologies make it possible to deal with a whole range of vascular pathologies. So, with the help of cosmetic lasers, you can cope, for example, with:

  • capillary ruptures;
  • rosacea;
  • redness;
  • spider veins.

The laser acts on hemoglobin and clogs the damaged vessel. After that, the vessel ceases to be noticeable. The best result can be achieved after about 3-5 treatments, depending on the problem. One treatment lasts about 10 minutes.

One hour treatment: combination therapy

The problem of aging hands can be dealt with with the help of combination therapy. So, in order to cope with age spots on the hands, and not only, they use a special laser. Under the influence of laser radiation, the pigment spot is darker at first, and then it is removed like a crust.

But fillers are used to give the hands a younger look and make the veins less noticeable. They are injected into the hands, replacing the lost volume of soft tissues. The effect of such a procedure lasts approximately 1.5 years.

The editors of Estet-portal sincerely hope that our advice will help you preserve your beauty in today's fast world. But we would like to remind you that all these procedures should be carried out only in certified salons and only by a professional beautician.

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