Топ-10 удивительных и малоизвестных фактов про Coco Chanel

Speaking about fashion and its origins, the first name that will be on the lips of almost all – Coco Chanel. The creator of the little black dress, a woman who managed to fit femininity, modesty, style and sexuality into one look. She is known for her subtle and sophisticated sense of style and inspirational quotes. And in addition to all the merits, her life in the fashion world was bright, memorable and truly delightful and delightful!

estet-portal.com has prepared a list of little-known facts about the legendary Coco Chanel.

Things you didn't know before about the life of Coco Chanel

The nuns taught Coco Chanel everything she knows.

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Coco learned the craft of tailoring from the nuns who ran Aubazin Abbey, the orphanage where she grew up.

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Before becoming a designer, she was a singer.

Before starting her sewing business, Chanel (then known as Gabrielle ) sang in La Rotunde and other Parisian cafes. She often sang the song "Who saw Coco at the Trocadero?", which led to her nickname "Coco". with German intelligence officer Baron Hans Günther von Dinklage, famous German spy. There are still rumors that Chanel was once a spy.

My default imageCoco Chanel was the first person to have a signature perfume.

Chanel No. 5 is a classic and was the first perfume to be named after its designer. What to say – the legendary person is legendary in everything!

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The Second World War led to the death of Chanel.
The war was a contentious time for the designer and trouble came to her business in 1939 when she closed the shop. But, as we all know, her brand did not take long to triumph. are not named after her.<

Legend has it that the Duke of Westminster was so enamored with his love, Coco Chanel, that he had lampposts erected in London with his initials next to his "W". Unfortunately, the initials actually mean something rather boring - "City Council". xxxx>
She lived in the hotel for over 30 years.

During her twilight years, Coco Chanel lived alone, living at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, where she died in 1971, at the age of 87 .

During the day she stayed in her apartment and slept at the Ritz. Every day after she left the hotel, the receptionist called an employee who sprayed perfume on the stairs before she arrived.My default image Lion

Have you ever wondered why the lion is so present in Chanel's jewelry? because her zodiac sign was Leo. All her life she kept a statue of a lion next to her cigarettes and scissors. In addition, a lion can be seen engraved on the bottom of her tweed suits: "I am a Leo, and like him, I show my claws to protect myself," she said.
Black was her favorite color

While white, beige, gold and red symbolize Chanel, black was her favorite color. For Coco Chanel, black revealed the feminine radiance and accentuated the main. She believed that there is nothing more stylish than a little black dress. xxxx>Boy Capel
Boy Capel was an English polo player, but best known as the lover of Gabrielle Chanel. They met in 1909 when she was the mistress of his girlfriend, Etienne Balsan. Capel introduced the girl to literature and financed the first shops of Coco Chanel. His style was also an inspiration for Chanel, which contributed to the creation of the Chanel style. The boy Capel died in a car accident in 1919. This was the first and last time Coco Chanel cried. “Either I die too, or I finish what we started together,” she said. And she didn't give up.


At her funeral, her models took the first places, and her coffin was covered with white flowers (camellias, gardenias, orchids, azaleas and red roses). Coco Chanel is buried in Lausanne, Switzerland. Her headstone was designed by the designer herself and features a

symbolic lion.

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Legendary CoCo Chanel – fashion pioneer

Every woman has at least once dreamed of owning a product from Coco Chanel, especially one of her iconic bags. Chanel is a symbol of French elegance. She is one of the most famous Parisian fashion designers.

Her ideas and views on how a woman should dress radically changed the standards of fashion. That's why she is an idol and inspiration for everyone who is interested in fashion. Coco Chanel leads the way in French women's elegance and sophistication.

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