Зачем необходимо каждый день пить теплую воду с медом натощак

Beauty and health, donated by nature, must be maintained in order to contact doctors and cosmetologists as little as possible. About one of the ways that will help you not only strengthen your immune system, but also look and feel better, estet-portal.com will tell in this article.

This is a simple and very effective and useful – honey water. Why drink warm water with honey every morning on an empty stomach? Read more!

Why should you drink warm water with honey every morning on an empty stomach

Your skin will become more beautiful

Honey – natural antioxidant with antibacterial properties. Therefore, it will help make your skin clearer and more beautiful. By the way, honey can be taken not only inside – it can be applied to the skin as a mask or combined with other ingredients to make homemade skin care products.

Your immune system will be strengthened

Honey perfectly strengthens the immune system. Real honey in its raw form increases the body's ability to fight pathogenic bacteria – it is full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals that can protect you from disease.

You will lose weight, your digestion will improve

The sweetness of honey is due to the presence of sugar in it, but not the one we are used to – white and crumbly, but natural sugar. It has a number of benefits, including nourishing the brain and reducing sugar cravings. Therefore, water with honey – a great way to satisfy the body's need for sweets without harm to the figure. Also, honey water helps to get rid of constipation.

You will help your throat

We used to reach for a spoonful of honey when our throat hurts. However, you should not get honey only in cold times and during illness – drink it in the form of honey water every day – and you will be able to avoid unpleasant diseases, and not cure them.

You will get rid of toxins

Warm water with honey – this is perhaps the best combination of the most beneficial ingredients for your body. Why invent the most complicated detox cocktail recipes when you can just use this simple remedy. By the way, if you add lemon or lemon juice to honey water, the effect will be even better.

Blood sugar will return to normal

Most of the sugars in honey are in the form of fructose, which helps regulate blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol levels. However, it is not recommended for diabetics and allergy sufferers to lean on honey without consulting a doctor – this sweet medicine is not suitable for everyone.

You will get rid of bloating

Excessive gas or bloating causes discomfort. However, if you make it a habit to drink warm water with honey in the morning, such an unpleasant phenomenon will bother you much less often. By the way, as an emergency measure for bloating, honey is also effective.


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You will reduce the risk of heart disease

Reason – flavonoids and antioxidants that you supply to the body by drinking warm water with honey. Studies have shown that honey can slow down the oxidation of bad cholesterol, which is called the cause of heart attacks and even strokes.

You will become calmer and more balanced


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After two weeks after drinking warm water with honey, you will notice that you are less affected by environmental irritants. Your nerves will become stronger, which will also have a beneficial effect on the health of the whole organism.

Preparation of warm water with honey

Stir a teaspoon of honey in warm, raw water (not hot or boiled). If you pour boiling water over honey, it will lose its beneficial properties. You can also add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, ginger (especially during the cold season) or other healthy products to honey water.

It is necessary to prepare such honey water immediately before drinking, and not in the evening! Drinking it, respectively, is better in the morning on an empty stomach (you can also have a glass before bedtime if you suffer from insomnia).

Have you already tried drinking honey water in the morning? If so, share your impressions and results in the comments on estet-portal.com!

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