Breath  – reflex action that ensures the vital activity of all cells of the body. A person breathes, never thinking about this process and that it needs to be performed with a certain technique. Few people know that only one nostril is involved in the process of breathing. This physiological phenomenon is based on the need to change nasal cycles. Air passes through one nostril - the leading one, in which the vessels are compressed, while the second is an additional – in it the vessels are dilated, which reduces its lumen. The nasal cycle changes approximately every 4 hours. What is the correct breathing technique? Why does snoring occur?

How to test your breathing technique?

Most people don't breathe properly. In order to breathe properly, you need to maintain a certain position of the body and monitor the movement of the muscles.

Proper breathing – this is diaphragmatic, when air is inhaled through the nose, while the abdominal muscles move, and the chest remains motionless. Breathing technique with diaphragmatic breathing is natural for a person.

As they grow up, many people mess up their posture and the muscles don't move properly when they breathe, constricting their lungs. How breathing changes when working at a computer, read further on To determine your type of breathing, you need to stand up straight, put one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest, and see which hand moves when you breathe. Normal breathing should be deep, through the nose and be accompanied by movement of the abdomen.


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How does breathing technique change when working at a computer?

Today, with the change in working and living conditions, the problem of computer apnea, which develops against the background of improper breathing technique when working at a computer, is relevant.

While working at a computer, a person occupies a non-physiological position that prevents normal breathing; also, when working or reading, a person can hold his breath without noticing it himself, which is later accompanied by headaches and dizziness.

These are the first signs of apnea. Restriction of breathing while working at a computer increases the heart rate and dilates the pupils, which negatively affects the state of health. Therefore, it is important to monitor your posture and breathing technique while working at the computer.

Impaired breathing technique during sleep causes snoring

Everyone has experienced a situation where someone interferes with falling asleep with loud snoring. When falling asleep, the tongue and muscles of the soft palate relax, sometimes relaxation provokes a partial blockage of the passage for air. This is accompanied by a vibration of the soft tissues of the palate and a loud sound called snoring. Also, snoring can occur against the background of swelling of the muscles of the larynx and against the background of a curvature of the nasal septum, with polyps, enlarged tonsils or allergies.

Snoring can have a negative effect on brain tissue, since during snoring, little oxygen enters the brain tissue. Snoring can also be fatal – if there is a long delay in breathing during sleep. A person who snores can have up to 500 breath stops per night, but he cannot remember it. In any case, snoring negatively affects health, having dangerous complications. Therefore, the correct breathing technique day and night is the key to health and well-being.

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