10 способов построить по струнке расшатавшиеся нервы

You have a business meeting, and you are stuck in a traffic jam and, looking at your watch, you understand how time is running away, and along with it — and all your hopes. Or you have to make a report in front of a serious audience. You have already hung all the materials, directed the spotlight on the screen, and there is still an hour before the presentation begins.

You feel your palms sweating, your heart beating and the situation spiraling out of control. Stop! All you need now — just calm down and put your nerves in order. We offer you to learn how to calm your nerves and not give in to panic. 

How to calm nerves by changing your lifestyle

Method #1: Drink less coffee. Scientists have proven that excessive consumption of caffeine creates a feeling of panic in people. Energy drinks have the same property, so it is better not to drink them. 

If you want to be more relaxed, reduce your coffee intake. If you drink five cups a day, then reduce them to two, and better — up to one.

  • Drink less caffeinated coffee and ditch strong teas in favor of weaker ones.
  • Avoid drinking coffee at lunchtime or in the afternoon. This will make you feel more relaxed.

Method number 2. Walk more. A ten-minute walk will help calm your nerves and relieve emotional stress.

A little exercise an hour before the appointment will help you feel more confident and at ease.

  • Cultivate the habit of walking daily.
  • Give up transportation or elevators in favor of walking.

Method #3: Do physical exercises. They help not only to maintain the flexibility of the body, but also to maintain composure throughout the day.

  • Yoga and Pilates are especially beneficial for the nervous system.

Calm, only calm: emotional tricks against panic

Method #4: Focus on breathing. Breathe in and out deeply. Take long breaths instead of short ones, which indicate a person's nervous state.

  • If you begin to feel restless, inhale through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat this 10 times and you will feel more calm and focused.

Method #5. Count backwards from 50 to 1. By focusing on the numbers, and slowly repeating one after the other, you will normalize your breathing and calm down.

Method number 6. Relax. To relieve anxiety, try to relax the part of the body that is most tense. Standing still, close your eyes and feel the tension in the part of your body that you want to let go. Take a deep breath, then exhale and try to relax your body.

  • By focusing on your body, you will calm your nerves and after a couple of minutes you will feel calm and confident.

The best way to get rid of panic — get to know her

Method number 7. Tune in to the positive. Positive affirmations will help with this.  It is important not only to think well of yourself, but also to say it out loud. Especially useful  they are on the eve of important matters or making serious decisions. If you get into the habit of using them daily, you can instill confidence and peace of mind.

  • Before you do something important, say to yourself: “I am ready and worthy. I'm going to do a great job and there's no reason to be worried.

Method number 8. Present beautiful pictures. Scientists have proven that positive visualization calms the nerves and promotes success.

  • Close your eyes and calmly imagine what you are nervous about and the positive reaction of others to it. Try to remember this and open your eyes. You will feel much calmer.
  • If you have something important to do in the morning, practice positive visualization in the evening. This will help prevent insomnia and set you up for success.

Method #9: Write letters in small handwriting. Another good habit — write articles for magazines or just keep a personal diary — will help calm the nerves.

  • You can write about everyday things or focus on things that make you nervous. This will help you gain a sense of control and approach issues not emotionally, but rationally.

Method #10: Be prepared for things that make you nervous. This will help you cope with the panic and understand what you will have to face (breaking up with your loved one, leaving your job or getting promoted, etc.). To be ready for this, you must know how to behave with others and control yourself.

  • Try to say the words that you should say to others and to your inner self. And remind yourself: on this day you laid the foundation for your success, which involves a lot of work on yourself.

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