A rare person in our world does not experience fear. They can manifest themselves both in a mild form in the form of anxiety, and take the form of phobias and manic syndromes. In the course of life, a person either gets rid of this unpleasant phenomenon for himself, or acquires more and more new fears. What are the reasons for fear? What do they come from, preventing us from living and doing as we see fit, without worrying about being judged for our actions? How to get rid of obsessive fears once and for all so that they do not return?

How do your fears appear?

At its core, a manifestation of fear – it is a fear of losing something: well-being, loved ones, freedom, health, etc. What you are most attached to is the starting point of the fear. Those. if something you hold dear is taken away from you, you will lose your comfort, either physical or psychological. Here your dependence on what you have at the moment is manifested: family, friends, material values, work.

The second reason for fear – it is an identification. A person is used to identifying himself with his body, as with a physiological object, for example. If we lose it – death comes. Hence the fear of dying arises.  If we identify ourselves with our profession. There is a fear of being unclaimed in her, etc.

These are the two main root causes of our fears.

How to deal with your fears?

It is possible and necessary to fight fears, because they poison our lives, prevent us from “breathing deeply”, enjoying today, agrees estet-portal.com. To eradicate them, one must gradually get rid of attachments and self-identification. The ability to convince yourself that what is dear to you right now is still temporary and has no power over you. The illusory nature of the world in which we live, self-acceptance means getting rid of fears.

But this is a rather difficult level of spiritual practice. It may take more than one year to reach it. Many fears have a root in childhood itself, which can only be "extracted" by a good psychologist.


The main mistake in getting rid of fear is the forced suppression of this or that fear. Everything that we are trying to shove inside ourselves will sooner or later make itself felt, but it is already possible, in a more perverted and hypertrophied form. Therefore, the main – it is not the suppression of fear, but the understanding of its cause and analysis of the situation.

However, much is available to you on your own, without resorting to the help of specialists. There is such a method - exaggeration of fears. Those. For example, you are afraid of your boss. You are scared when he calls you “on the carpet”, you are covered with a cold sweat, your heart is beating, knocking out angina pectoris in time. Now concentrate, bring your fear to the point of absurdity: You are a rabbit, and your boss – boa. Draw this picture in your mind. Imagine yourself as a rabbit, trying to confuse the tracks and run away from the boa constrictor or, catching up with you, it gets tangled in its own long tail. After all, you're not scared at all, are you? You become just wondering how the rabbit will behave. Here, you have already abstracted from your own fear and influence it through associations. You do not continue to be afraid, but look for a way out of the situation, study it.

This can be done with any moment of life that excites you.

Practice of duality to get rid of the causes of fear

The practice of duality is often used to convince your subconscious mind that you are no longer afraid. Those. You must find your fear and create an opposite phrase for it. For example: "I'm afraid of the dark" - "I'm not afraid of the dark." Often one fear includes many components. For example, fear of being afraid of the dark might include: I am afraid that there is a bad person in the dark who will harm me; I'm afraid they'll never turn on the light; I'm afraid to be alone when it's dark, etc. If you decompose fear into sub-points and work through each one, then it will gradually lose its power over you.

Also, getting rid of attachments and self-identification can be worked out with the help of this simple practice. Then your fears will go away forever and will not come back again.

Get rid of fears and fear nothing with our portal.

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