Интервальное питание: эффективная диета или вред здоровью

Interval meals — a new trend in the topic of weight loss. The essence of the method is to break the day into periods of hunger and time for eating. There are many programs, schedules and set intervals between meals and fasting on the Internet, which were invented by professional athletes and coaches. It not excluded that this was done for the sake of their own PR and promotion.

We talk about what interval power systems exist. You learn the results of research and how intermittent fasting affects the body.

Interval nutrition: when to fast and how much to eat

There are 3 main programs that are popular now. Some of         — on prepared for starvation people. It is important not to expose the body to stress and slowly enter interval nutrition.

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  1. Program "EatStopEat" from  Canadian fitness trainer Brad Pilon is considered the most gentle. The basis of the program — standard calorie deficit. You need to spend more than you consume. So you need to eat five days a week. The remaining 2 days — this is the time of "hunger". At the initial stage, you need to give up breakfast and lunch, but you can have dinner. Meals should consist of meat or fish and vegetables. When the body gets used to it, you can completely refuse food two days a week. According to this program, studies have been conducted that have shown that 85% of people have lost weight and are satisfied with the result. It's important to understand

  2. There are two more programs for beginners in  interval nutrition — 14/10 and 12/12. The first value — this is the hour of hunger, the second — food window. In the  interval that is designed for  meal intake, it is important to eat the daily calorie intake. Moreover, the first meal after hunger should be the most satisfying, and the subsequent ones will go to reduce calories. The "hungry" hours you can drink water and tea without sugar.

  3. Experienced «intervalmen» increase the period of hunger up to 20 hours. And only 4 hours are left for to have time to eat your daily calorie intake.


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How to combine interval nutrition and training

To lose weight quickly, you need to get regular exercise. You need to train with interval nutrition during the fasting phase, preferably at its end. After training, you can drink a glass of low-fat kefir or yogurt, eat two boiled eggs.

You can not train every day, enough 2-3 times times week. On workout days, it's especially important to eat protein and fiber.

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How intermittent fasting affects the body

Proper interval nutrition has a beneficial effect on the body:

  • Weight loss. Already after three weeks, the results are noticeable even without training.

  • Heart and  vessels. Such a nutrition system equalizes heart rhythms and strengthens blood vessels. Hypertensive patients feel especially good on such a nutrition system.

  • Brain. Improves memory, stress resistance and  concentration. Productivity increases. In some cases, doctors report improvement in performance in people with Alzheimer's disease.

  • Skin. Skin condition improves because during fasting, growth hormone is more actively produced, which is responsible for cell regeneration.

How to Make Intermittent Eating Your Wellness Ally

Like  any nutrition system, intermittent fasting can be equally beneficial and harmful.

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In order not to harm your body, you need to smoothly enter the fasting phase and gradually increase the interval. When you feel unwell, weak, or dizzy, don go on about your desire to lose weight. Think  first of all about health — eat a handful of nuts, a banana, or drink natural yogurt.

Despite the fact that fasting prevents the onset of diabetes, fasting is not recommended for this disease. Do not use intermittent fasting for hepatitis, kidney failure, ulcers and pregnancy.

Before testing this nutrition system on yourself, we recommend that you consult a doctor and make sure that short-term fasting will not harm your health.

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