Как бороться с приступами сильного аппетита

A good appetite has always been a sign of health – both in adults and in small children. It is believed that if a person eats little, then something is wrong with him. However, a strong appetite is not always a sign of health. If a person constantly eats, literally obsessed with food, this indicates a problem. But how to understand that the desire to eat – Is this not ordinary hunger, but a symptom of an illness?

The editors of estet-portal.com will talk about what can be the cause of increased appetite, and how to determine whether it is worth going to the doctor because of this.

Strong appetite as a symptom of a malfunction of the body

Hunger – this is a natural reaction of the body to a lack of energy and the need to replenish it. Increased appetite – it is a defense mechanism that turns on when there is a threat of hunger. So the body creates an extra supply in case there is no access to food. And if an increased appetite appears when there is no point in stocking up calories, this indicates a problem. >

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1. Pathology of the thyroid gland.

2. Development of diabetes mellitus.
3. Worm infestations.
4. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

5. Brain tumor.

6. Exhaustion of the nervous system.

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In addition, increased appetite appears with severe overwork, stress, dehydration, excessive physical exertion. Lack of sleep is also the cause of increased appetite.

My default imageStrong appetite: psychological causes of excessive desire to eat

Increased appetite may have reasons related to the mental state. Many prone to simply "jam" problems or concerns. However, it is difficult for us to understand when it is really hunger, and when – just a desire to chew something, so that it would not be scary, exciting, boring.

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Strong appetite, which has psychological reasons, appears as follows:1. The feeling of hunger appears suddenly.
2. You are drawn to a certain type of food, such as sweet, smoked, fried.
3. I want to eat right now.
4. You eat without pleasure, just to be full.

5. The feeling of hunger remains even after a heavy snack.


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Strong appetite
– this is not always good, not always a sign of a healthy body. If you want to eat almost constantly, this can be a signal of both physiological and psychological disorders. In any case, if you have not had an increased appetite before, you should be wary – and go to the doctor. First of all, rule out possible health problems. And if all is well – it's time to look for the cause in the psychological state. This should also be done by a specialist – psychologist or psychotherapist. 
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