Как лечит и увеличивает срок жизни биохакинг

– a method that many people hear about, but few people understand what exactly it is. In fact, this is a set of measures to improve the health of the body and increase its vital signs. Only for this you need not only proper nutrition and sports, but also a number of drugs selected by a doctor.

The followers of the method say that you can literally become a superman, prolong youth, improve brain function.

What do you need to do to get this

? The editors of estet-portal.com will tell everything about biohacking.

1. What is biohacking and what does it affect
2. Biohacking: how to start improving yourself
3. Biohacking – is it dangerous: the opinion of doctors
What is biohacking and what does it affect


– it is a radical system of healing and health control. This is not a cure, but an improvement on what is already there.

Some compare this direction with the opportunity to become a superman, a person with new abilities. How to achieve this? Based on the diagnosis, you change your diet, sleep patterns, physical activity. All this should contribute to the preservation of youth, improve the functioning of the body. You can not just become healthier in general, but increase some individual indicators, for example, endurance, brain function, attractiveness, etc. And as a result, make your life more attractive for yourself.

However, many

physicians consider


extreme. That is, to improve the body with the help of sports and proper nutrition, taking vitamins – this is good. But to do it with the help of medicines – unwanted. Follow us on Instagram.

Biohacking: how to start improving yourself

Basics of Biohacking

– this is diagnostics. That is where you need to start. To do this, you need to pass not only clinical tests of urine and blood. It is important to determine the amount of antioxidants, free radicals, trace elements and metals, vitamins.

Such diagnostics are carried out at the very beginning, and then periodically repeated to control and adjust the intake of drugs. What will you get as a result of the first diagnostics? Based on the data, the specialist will write out the recommendations – for example, sleep a certain number of hours, increase the consumption of certain foods, take drugs to

normalize vitamin levels

, etc. In general, biohacking is carried out in nine directions:

1. Meals – You get an individual diet depending on the characteristics of the organism.

2. Physical Activity – class schedule,

exercises for health and body beauty. 3. Hormonal status – checking hormone levels and adjusting them depending on age, gender and other factors.

4. Detoxification

– the body is cleansed, it is protected from negative environmental factors. 5. Genetics – studies make it possible to determine the genetic predisposition to diseases and various negative changes.

6. Sleep mode normalization.

7. Cosmetology – improvement of skin, hair and nails.

8. Brain function – improvement of attention, thinking, development of creative abilities.

9. Correction of the emotional sphere, protection from stress.

At the same time, biohacking is not a cure. In fact, you will become healthier, improve the performance of the body, the functioning of internal organs, and appearance. Such a set of measures requires considerable financial expenses – only medical examinations need to be thoroughly invested. Later you will need to buy dietary supplements and medications.

Also, to control the state of the body and the daily routine, you will need to use electronic gadgets and mobile applications. But

those who have used this technique say it's worth it!

Biohacking – it's a lifestyle. The recommendations must be followed constantly and non-stop in order to achieve the desired result.

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The main idea of ​​biohacking

– improving the productivity of the body, preserving youth and longevity. However, like any idea, this one also has its risks and disadvantages.

Thus, doctors warn of the following possible dangers:

correcting metabolism with the help of powerful drugs is fraught with malfunctions of the body – this needs to be approached thoughtfully;

drug addiction – they will need to be used for a lifetime, and if canceled, it will be difficult for the body to live without them;

you need to be careful when taking hormonal drugs;

carb-free diet – one of the basic conditions of biohacking, but without sugar it is difficult for the body to work normally, so it is better to simply limit the consumption of fast carbohydrates.

Anyway, biohacking – it is not a panacea for old age or disease. Therefore, changes in the functioning of the body must be approached wisely, not to flog a fever, and make decisions in a balanced way. And you need to choose a doctor carefully so as not to become a victim of a charlatan.

To prescribe a treatment regimen, the doctor must conduct many tests, obtain detailed data on the state of your body. If you have had a couple of diagnostics and based on them they are prescribed drugs, then in front of you – charlatan.


– This is an improvement in health and body performance by changing the way of life and taking medications. As a result, the standard of living, self-awareness increases, a person becomes more productive and active.

Of course, the ability to preserve youth and beauty plays an important role.

Biohacking methods – quite radical, because they include taking drugs, and not just changing lifestyle.

According to those who used this system of measures, the changes – extremely positive.

But doctors also warn about the risks to the body, as well as possible negative consequences, if you turn to an incompetent specialist.

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