7 простых советов, которые сделают общение приятным и эффективным

Every day we are convinced that the ability to communicate – criterion of professionalism. Achieve your goals at meetings, negotiations, presentations, as well as career growth – largely the result of this skill. It is easier for a person who has communication skills to inspire trust, convince, form the right attitude towards himself, the product, the company. For all effective communication – this is the ability to organically supplement the content of speech ("what" we say) with the way it is presented ("how" we say).

In other words, in the "kitchen" of communication, to make it really "tasty", the ingredients ("what") are important, as well as recipes ("how"). Read our material for simple tips for high-quality communication.

"An opinion about a person is formed in four minutes: in the first ten seconds it is formed, in the remaining time it is checked." Allan Pease

Effective communication: how to win over the interlocutor

Rhetoric and speech technique teacher Alexander Zayoma shared with estet-portal.com useful tips and ways to communicate effectively:

  • When communicating, look into the eyes of the interlocutor with a light and friendly look. In our culture, eye contact – sign of courtesy and respect. It has and inspires confidence.
  • When greeting and saying something positive, smile. Friendly, sincere, different. The correspondence of what we say and how we do it creates a harmonious impression. And, on the contrary, as often happens that the greeting phrase "good afternoon!", Said with an indifferent, and sometimes gloomy face – gives rise to doubts about the sincerity of the speaker and causes distrust.
  • Keep your posture! Sitting, standing, straighten your back. Posture gives the impression of an energetic and self-confident person.
  • Gesticulate! Gestures should enhance the meaning of words, and not distract from the essence. Clear, complete and appropriate gestures – it is effective and natural.
  • Speak clearly! Pledge of clear speech – good articulation: active work of the lips, tongue, lower jaw. Clear speech sounds cultured, confident and convincing.
  • Keep your speech clean! For example, there are parasitic words and sounds that clog speech, such as: "well", "uh", "here", "as if", "so to speak", "mean"!
  • Speak in different ways: vary the tone and pace of your speech! People are more imbued with confidence in someone who speaks in a low voice and uses pauses. This is what calmness and reliability sound like.

I'm sure you're familiar with the phrase "there's never a second chance to make a first impression".

Indeed, the first impression of a person – a prism through which we form our attitude not only to him, but also in the future to what he says, what product he sells and what company he represents.

Competence, confidence, culture, first of all, are manifested in the way a person behaves – in persuasive gestures, controlled facial expressions, clear and expressive speech.

Try "cooking" your next talk or presentation using these "little recipes" and see how they can enhance and enhance the "taste" of quality content.

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