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How to improve blood circulation in the brain and restore memory

All the effective functioning of our body depends on the normal functioning of the brain. Often we complain of dizziness, pain, severe fatigue (even in the morning), apathy, drowsiness. All these symptoms depend on the diet and saturation of the body, in particular, the brain, with oxygen. Also, an important role is played by the vessels through which blood circulates, enriching the brain with essential nutrients and oxygen. If the vessels are polluted, then the necessary substances do not enter the brain and contribute to the development of a wide variety of diseases. And who is to blame for this? Only we. Improper nutrition, sedentary work within the walls of an unventilated office, bad habits make us panic when the disease is already developing. But how much easier it is to monitor your lifestyle and take some preventive measures. What needs to be done first? How to improve blood circulation in the brain? First, we clean the vessels of toxins and cholesterol plaques, then we saturate the brain with oxygen with the help of exercises and breathing exercises, and the third stage – we are adjusting the food.

Means to improve blood circulation in the brain

There are a lot of means and methods to improve blood circulation in the brain. Starting from pharmaceutical preparations, which should be used only as prescribed by a doctor, ending with folk recommendations. Measures to improve the blood circulation of the brain and the entire body are carried out in three stages.

We clean the vessels of the brain and the whole body

Before you start working on improving blood circulation, you must completely cleanse the body and brain of impurities, strengthen blood vessels. To do this, you need to drink an infusion of medicinal herbs on an empty stomach. Best suited: chamomile, yarrow, St. John's wort, linden blossom, strawberry leaves, also add viburnum or mountain ash to tea. Also in the morning on an empty stomach, drink a glass of clean water with lemon juice. Also, cleaning can be done with lemon balm. Pour boiling water over the leaves and let it brew for 5 hours, then consume 50 grams three times a day. To make the brain work like a clock, include carrots, onions, garlic, horseradish in your diet. It is also useful to eat May honey. Eat a teaspoon in the morning and evening – nourishes the brain and strengthens blood vessels.


Saturate the brain with oxygen: basic exercises

After you have cleansed the body and the vessels of the brain, you can proceed to oxygen enrichment to ensure normal blood circulation  brain. When the brain is saturated with oxygen, all mental processes are activated, memory improves, concentration increases. Exercises to improve blood circulation in the brain and enrich with oxygen:

  1. Turn your head clockwise and counterclockwise at least 10 times in both directions.
  2. Raise your hands up, make a lock. Lean forward and at the same time watch your breath.
  3. Wave your arms and perform circular motions, developing your chest.

Respiratory gymnastics is also useful for brain function

  1. Breathe through one nostril first, closing the other, then switch nostrils. Breathe in this way for 10 minutes every day.
  2. When you get comfortable with such breathing, you can begin to complicate the exercise: counting the pulse, on beat number 8, hold your breath and wait for 8 beats, exhale and start all over again.
  3. One more exercise: take a deep breath, make a tube from your lips, and hold your breath. We exhale the air through the mouth in parts, taking breaks, and hold our breath.

Such exercises are best performed outdoors.

We normalize nutrition and enrich ourselves with vitamins

To improve blood circulation, you need to eat the following foods: fish, vegetable oils, chocolate, nuts. Fish is rich in omega 3, fatty acids that strengthen blood vessels and prevent atherosclerosis. Berries (currants, cranberries, blueberries) are also especially useful for cerebral circulation. Flax seeds and nuts rich in vitamin E are effective.  Also, a positive effect is achieved with the help of a properly arranged daily routine and nutrition.

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