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What symptoms of gastritis will tell you that your stomach is sick

Какие симптомы гастрита подскажут, что ваш желудок болен

Stomach heaviness, nausea, loss of appetite – Perhaps there is no person now who has not experienced such symptoms at least once in his life. Very often, people do not pay attention to them, attributing discomfort to the consequences of a hearty dinner or fast food lunch. Such symptoms pass quickly enough, and the person forgets about them.

But it often happens that once a similar symptomatology occurs at different time intervals, it repeats again and again. The reason for this may be a long-term asymptomatic chronic disease of the gastrointestinal tract. Find out what symptoms of gastritis will help you suspect that you have this disease.

Characteristic symptoms of gastritis: how to recognize the disease

Chronic gastritis – it is one of the most common diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In different countries, from 20 to 90% of the population suffer from this disease. Attention is drawn to the fact that most often gastritis is diagnosed among the population of large cities in economically developed countries.

Modern rhythm of life, constant influence of a stress factor, frequent intake of unhealthy food and wrong daily routine – All these factors contribute to the development of chronic gastritis. How can you tell if you have this disease? This question can be answered by knowing what symptoms of gastritis indicate this disease.

Gastritis symptoms:

  • why does gastritis occur and what threatens your body;
  • symptoms of gastritis: the main manifestations of the disease;
  • How can I check for symptoms of gastritis in myself.

Why does gastritis occur and what threatens your body

Gastritis – it is a chronic inflammation of the stomach lining. To date, it has been established that the main cause of gastritis is Helicobacter pylori infection. The harmful microbe Helicobacter pylori is determined in 100% of patients with chronic gastritis. Under the influence of this microbe, an inflammatory process develops in the gastric mucosa, and the normal processes of restoration of the gastric epithelium are disrupted.

The main danger of chronic gastritis is that over time the disease progresses, even if the symptoms of gastritis do not occur, while causing atrophic changes in the wall of the stomach and contributing to the development of cancer of this organ.


Symptoms of gastritis: the main manifestations of the disease

The symptoms of gastritis are not specific, the disease can be asymptomatic for a long time, then there are periodic exacerbations of the disease. During this period, the following symptoms of gastritis appear:

  • heaviness and pressure in the stomach after eating;
  • belching, regurgitation and bad taste in the mouth, especially after sleeping;
  • heartburn and burning sensation in the stomach;
  • dull pain in the stomach that occurs immediately after eating, which increases when the person is in an upright position;
  • a feeling of rumbling and rumbling in the stomach;
  • bloating and diarrhea.

How can I check for symptoms of gastritis in myself

The occurrence of symptoms of gastritis significantly affects the general condition of the body. There is weight loss, the skin becomes pale, and acne often occurs. There may be signs of beriberi, such as congestion at the corners of the mouth, hair loss, brittle nails, and bleeding gums. If you go to the mirror and look closely at the tongue, you can find a white or yellow-white coating on it, while teeth marks are noted along the edges of the tongue. Feeling the abdomen causes pain in the stomach area.

The symptoms of gastritis can only suggest the idea of ​​this disease, and it should be remembered that the symptomatic use of drugs gives only a temporary effect. In order to cure gastritis completely, it is necessary to seek medical advice.

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    16 января 2016, 18:48

    "Вредный микроб Helicobacter pylori определяется у 100 % пациентов с хроническим гастритом" - заявление, основанное на рекламе. У меня гастрит, делала анализ на хеликобактер, ничего не нашли. Нужно лучше изучать тему, о которой пишете.

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