Малоизвестные симптомы нарушения кровообращения

An important characteristic of the health of the body – хImproved blood circulation. If the normal functioning of blood vessels is disrupted, this causes a number of diseases. Subsequently, you may be faced with a situation that will threaten your life. That is why the symptoms of circulatory disorders need to be known. And especially those that are not obvious. They are the ones – the first signs, the first signals of danger.

The editors of estet-portal.com will talk about how to detect the problem in time.

signs of such violations are:


Change in skin tone

– if some areas of the body become bluish or pale yellow, this indicates that the area is poorly supplied with blood. It is necessary immediately, as soon as you have identified such a sign, to make an appointment with a specialist.


  1. Problems with toenails
    – probably one of the most obscure signs. The lack of blood flow leads to the fact that the nails change shape, color, can be affected by fungus.

  3. Swollen ankles
    – if this happens often and lasts for a long time, you can be sure that there are already problems with the vessels. Short-term swelling is not dangerous and passes quickly – this is no reason to worry. But if the legs are constantly swollen, you need to consult a doctor.
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The signs listed above are often ignored, because they do not cause much discomfort. Very often this leads to serious vascular diseases, the development of which could

prevented at an early stage. 

Symptoms of circulatory disorders: feeling well 

There are also a number of symptoms associated with the sense of self. Some of them are ignored by people, while others – mistaken for signs of other diseases. And delay only leads to the fact that the disease progresses – and then it will be more expensive and longer to treat her.

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Each of the following – an alarming "bell" that speaks of problems with blood vessels:


1. Tingling and numbness of limbs

– it is inextricably linked with impaired blood flow. Such problems include diseases of the veins, blood clots. If you experience these symptoms frequently, see your doctor.


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2. Sudden muscle pain, short-term weakness – most often occurs in the legs. It happens that a person begins to limp slightly due to the fact that the pain prevents him from fully stepping on his foot.

3. Cold feet and hands – if even in hot weather they are icy, this clearly indicates problems with blood circulation.



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4. Infrequent urge to urinate

– if you become much less likely to go to the toilet, this indicates that the kidneys do not receive the right amount of blood. Normally, a person goes to the toilet about 6-7 times a day. The range from 4 to 10 times still falls into the norm – It all depends on how much liquid you drink. But if everything was reduced to three times – worth sounding the alarm.

5. Problems in the sexual sphere – men and women may experience problems in bed, because blood does not flow well to the genitals.

6. Slow digestion of food – expressed in increased gas formation, constipation, high acidity.

7. Frequent colds – poor blood circulation negatively affects the body's defenses. As a result – you get sick often.

8. Chronic fatigue – poor blood circulation leads to the fact that the muscles receive an insufficient amount of energy and oxygen. And they can no longer handle the amount of work they used to.

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All these signs are often mistaken for the consequences of stress, a lot of work. Sometimes confused with other diseases. But in any case, such non-obvious symptoms of circulatory disorders should be the reason for going to the therapist. It is better to play it safe or detect the disease at an early stage than to spend money and time on complex treatment.

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