Напитки снижающие аппетит: что пить, чтобы не есть

There are a huge number of diets that exclude or add certain foods. But many of these diets do not take into account drinks that contribute to the loss of an extra couple of pounds. In particular, these are drinks that reduce appetite. When the level of calorie intake that your body is accustomed to decreases, you want to eat more often. It is drinks made from certain ingredients that can reduce the desire to snack.

The editors of estet-portal decided to look into this issue and picked up the four most effective drinks that reduce appetite.

Appetite-reducing drinks: warm water with lemon and honey

Water — the best means of launching all important processes in the body. No wonder nutritionists advise starting every morning with a glass of water. But teamed with honey and lemon, this drink will have even more benefits. In addition to the fact that water with lemon improves immunity, relieves pain symptoms in the throat, helps to get rid of toxins, it is also an excellent tool for losing weight.

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This vitamin cocktail perfectly reduces appetite and suppresses hunger. The properties of lemon and honey combined with each other have a fat-burning effect and normalize digestion.

Coffee is the best drink to satisfy your hunger

Caffeine — excellent means of deceiving the body. If your goal is to eat less, coffee will be your best friend. Drinking this drink before meals will help you satisfy your hunger and eat much less than planned. In addition, caffeine helps burn calories and break down fat. But we should not forget that coffee can negatively affect your body. Therefore, do not overdo it.

Diet by body type — lose weight properly

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Adults are advised not to consume more than two to three cups of freshly ground coffee or coffee drink per day.

Cumin, ginger, bay leaf and cinnamon tea

This unusual combination of tea with spices is great for speeding up metabolism and helping to burn fat. In addition, this drink helps to satisfy the feeling of hunger. But to prepare such tea you need to get a little confused. Mix in one container a teaspoon of grated ginger, 2 bay leaves, half a teaspoon of cumin and half a teaspoon of cinnamon. Pour half a liter of water over the spice mixture and boil for half an hour, then add some tea leaves and boil for another 5 minutes.

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Strain the finished drink and drink. It is best to have a drink before breakfast.

Turmeric Milk or Golden Milk

Milk with turmeric, or golden milk – a drink that boosts immunity, supports the cardiovascular system, helps control blood sugar levels, reduces appetite and helps to lose weight. It is turmeric that has the property of stimulating insulin secretion, lowers cholesterol and prevents the appearance of fatty deposits.

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Preparing this miracle drink is quite easy. To do this, you need to combine 2 tablespoons of turmeric with a glass of water, cook the gruel over low heat for about 7 minutes until a viscous mixture forms. Cool and keep in the refrigerator. While the pasta is cooling, bring a glass of milk to a boil. Then mix it with a teaspoon of the mixture and drink. It is best to drink this drink before bedtime.

Appetite reducing drinks exist and they really work. But we should not forget that not only drinks can help to cope with the problem. Everything works in a complex: proper nutrition, variety and some additional funds, in this case — beverages. Also, do not overdo it and interfere with everything in one heap. Pick one or two and use wisely.

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