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At a certain period of their lives, couples begin to think about replenishing their family. And as soon as they begin to act, they often face problems with conceiving a child. Unfortunately, in many cases, such problems can turn out to be infertility of a woman or a man. But in today's world infertility – this is not a final verdict and it can be dealt with.

The editors of estet-portal will tell you what are the main causes of infertility according to doctors and what methods can be used to restore the ability to have children.

The main signs that signal infertility

Previously, the diagnosis of infertility could be heard by couples who had unsuccessfully tried to conceive a child for four years. But now this period has been reduced to one or two years. But the older the couple, the shorter the term becomes. If you are sexually active, unprotected and unable to conceive, you should have your reproductive health checked.

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You will never see obvious signs of infertility. But there are factors that flow into the causes of infertility. This is too high or extremely low body mass index. The age of the woman. Also, irregular periods or complete absence of them.

The main causes of infertility in men

The percentage of cases in which a couple cannot conceive due to insufficient mobility, activity and viability of the male seed is quite impressive. Experts name about 40% of cases. That is why doctors recommend that the man be tested first.

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If, as a result of the examination, the specialists found less than 50% of active spermatozoa, this is infertility. After such a diagnosis, a man will have to undergo a whole series of tests in order to determine the causes of infertility and understand what drugs should treat him.

The main causes of infertility in women according to doctors

The causes of infertility in women are much more varied than in men. Most often, doctors call inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs to blame for the inability to conceive a child. Usually, such diseases lead to obstruction of the fallopian tubes.

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Also, one of the causes of female infertility, experts call congenital or acquired pathologies and deformities of the uterus, which can develop due to abortions, intrauterine septa, myomatosis.
The causes of infertility in women can be genes, or rather, a violation of the chromosomal composition. With this diagnosis, pregnancy is possible, but the probability of miscarriage is very high.

Depression, mental disorders, frequent stress can also affect the female reproductive system.

However, all causes of infertility are curable, thanks to the achievements of modern medicine. Everything you need – contact a good specialist, undergo a full examination to identify the cause, and correctly determine the treatment. But in order to prevent a decrease in fertility, doctors recommend regularly checking the condition of the reproductive organs, maintaining normal weight, monitoring nutrition, avoiding vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and giving up bad habits.

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