You and your partner had such a connection, you loved each other, maybe even married, and it all ended in a breakup. How to be? Stay friends or end the relationship forever? What obstacles do you need to overcome in order to turn from an ex into good friends? decided to look into this issue and tell our readers in which cases it is possible to remain friends with a former partner, and in which it is better to refrain from such a happy ending in a relationship.

To stay friends after a breakup, you need to be mature enough to work on those friendships. In addition, there are different levels of friendship.

  1. Take a timeout

If you have recently separated from your partner, you definitely need time. To consider the future life and the possibility of maintaining friendly relations. Do not communicate with the former / former for some time, find out for yourself if you still have feelings for the former partner? Feelings are not always easy to get rid of, so take a month off to consider your future relationship.

  1. Can you still be friends?

If you parted on good terms, it will be easier to remain friends. However, if the cause of the breakup was an affair or betrayal, it will be much more difficult to remain friends. So ask yourself what you really want from being friends with an ex:

  • end the relationship;
  • get back together one day;
  • emotional support for ex/ex.

Understanding your motives for continuing the relationship is very important. Perhaps, having understood them, you will understand whether it is worth remaining friends with the former.

  1. Set boundaries

Now that you are no longer a couple, you should not count on constant support, comfort or help. Remember that you are creating a new relationship where boundaries are not in the way if you want to be in a healthy friendship with your ex.

  1. Big problems

Don't expect the constant problems that have haunted you in a love relationship to magically disappear because you choose to remain friends. Problems in communication and lack of trust do not go anywhere in the context of friendship. If you are uncomfortable with a person or he annoys you very much, what is the point of communicating with him?

  1. The Naked Truth

You saw each other naked and had sex – this cannot be erased from each other's memory. It is the intimate life of couples that often becomes an obstacle to friendship. Try not to discuss each other's sex life after the breakup – this is the topic that keeps both of you from moving on.

  1. Moving on

The last nail in the coffin of a broken relationship is a new relationship. Be prepared for the fact that this may cause unpleasant feelings and emotions in your ex-partner. Therefore, if you want to remain friends, you need to learn to respect each other's privacy and remember that life goes on.

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