It happens that several neoplasms appear on the face at once. This can be a sign of a sharp decrease in immunity, as well as very serious disorders in the human body. Moreover, the external treatment of such manifestations does not solve the general problem of their occurrence, since it can be hidden deep inside the body. Viruses can be dormant for a long time, but after various stressful situations they make themselves felt in the form of papillomas on the face. Why they appear in this area, we will discuss today.

Why do papillomas appear on the face?

Skin manifestations in the face area in the form of papillomas   are quite common. This disease affects people of all ages. However, in order to properly deal with such a nuisance, you must know where it could come from on your face, emphasizes

There are several ways to get infected with the papilloma virus. First of all, it is:

  • Unprotected sex. If your partner has such a manifestation on the penis, then you will 100% become the owner of this disease;
  • At the time of birth, if the mother is infected with this virus and it is based on the woman's genitals;
  • Often, infection occurs in a domestic way during the use of other people's hygiene items. In this way, as a rule, children from parents become infected;
  • In public places: swimming pools, baths, saunas. But in this case, the virus must get on the injured surface, so this possibility is not great;
  • They can also spread through the body as a result of self-infection, during shaving, epilation and other procedures.

The occurrence of papillomas and pregnancy

Not without reason, when a pregnancy is detected, gynecologists prescribe an analysis for the detection of the human papillomavirus. During pregnancy, a woman's immunity very often decreases and the virus, if present, is activated. If you had HPV before pregnancy was discovered, then in its process, its manifestations can multiply several times.

This applies not only to the skin of the face and neck, but to other organs, especially the genitals. Therefore, if you do not get rid of these skin manifestations in a timely manner, especially on the cervix or in the vaginal area, then infection of the child with this virus at birth is guaranteed.

Sometimes a caesarean section is even prescribed to avoid infection of the baby through the birth canal, since manipulations to remove papillomas are not recommended during pregnancy.

How to get rid of papillomas on the face and neck?

If you find such an unpleasant decoration, do not rush to remove it yourself. In the neck area, for example, there is a thyroid gland, so any impact in this area can bring unpleasant consequences and affect its functions. The way out in this situation is only an experienced specialist.

The same applies to delicate skin on the face. It is better not to experiment with the means, but to trust the surgeon or dermatologist. First you need to establish the causes of this unpleasant ailment, and then choose a method to eliminate them.


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Methods for eliminating papillomas on the face and neck

The main generally accepted methods for removing neoplasms include:

  • Cryosurgical (using liquid nitrogen);
  • Laser (using a laser that does not leave scars on the skin of the face);
  • Radio wave (dissection of papillomas using waves, not used for malignant tumors);
  • Electrocoagulation (the method is based on cauterization with the possibility of further histology of the neoplasm);
  • Traditional methods of treatment (using herbal ingredients).

The main principles of this therapy can be:

  • external removal of papillomas from the skin;
  • treatment aimed at boosting immunity;
  • manipulations related to the elimination of the source of infection;
  • use of antiviral agents.

The same factors as on the face and neck can serve as the causes of the appearance of papillomas on the body of a person. Be very careful about these neoplasms and do not treat them yourself without a good diagnosis by a specialist.

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