Яблоко вместо зубной щетки: как снять налет на зубах

Tooth health is not only an aesthetic problem. Since caries as a source of infection can cause heart disease, and its neglected form can even lead to death. And the cause of poor digestion can be lost teeth, for the simple reason that the stomach has to take over their functions. In order to prevent this, you need to learn how to properly care for your teeth.

The editors of estet-portal.com offer to figure out how to properly care for your teeth.

An apple instead of a toothbrush: how to remove plaque on teeth

The need to brush your teeth arises for one simple reason — presence of plaque. It is a multilayer biological film of food residues, microorganisms and their metabolic products. Add to this that during the processing of fructose and glucose, microorganisms release enamel-damaging acid, and it becomes clear why you need to brush your teeth twice a day.

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The main task to be dealt with while brushing your teeth is to remove day or night plaque, which is nothing more than a sticky tape of germs. And getting rid of them with just a toothbrush (even an electric one) is very difficult.

What to do?

Nip on carrots and apples, they work like cleaners and help remove plaque.

However, even the most thorough cleaning will not be able to cope with it.

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The fact is that during the day calcium comes from saliva and food, which settles on the surface of the teeth. Gradually, it turns into tartar, which, due to coffee or tea, turns dark in color, which makes it immediately noticeable. In such cases, the help of dentists is indispensable.

Use dental floss. With its help, you can remove residues in hard-to-reach places where the brush does not reach. By the way, it is dental floss that helps to detect caries: it breaks in places congestion.

Periodontitis leads to excess weight, and caries leads to heart disease

The question arises: why does the selfless fight against plaque that we carry out every day, sparing the most effective means, not at all lead to the desired result? To answer, you have to remember the structure of the tooth.

Outside, it is covered with the hardest tissue in the body, predominantly composed of calcium, — enamel. Since it is almost transparent, the color of the tooth is determined by dentin, a porous tissue in its structure, which is close to bone in density. Pulp — connective tissue, in which nerves and blood vessels are concentrated, — located in the very center.


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So, it turns out that teeth whiteness is not responsible for enamel, as many people mistakenly think, but for dentin, which cannot be reached by any whitening paste. The maximum that they can do is to erase particles of colored plaque or discolor it.

Professional bleaching  allows you to achieve discoloration of minor defects and partially denim. This happens due to the application of an oxidizing agent to the enamel, which is then activated chemically. However, this procedure is traumatic. It makes the enamel more susceptible to caries. And the opened dentinal tubules increase the sensitivity of the teeth. 

• To restore enamel after professional teeth whitening, it is necessary to conduct a course of remineralizing therapy.

Caries should be mentioned separately. As a source of infection, it circulates throughout the body and can provoke the development of various diseases, ranging from the cardiovascular to the pulmonary system. The neglected form of caries leads to purulent inflammatory processes, which can lead to a serious condition, and even death.

Missing teeth indicate not only an aesthetic defect. The absence of a pair of teeth can cause gastritis and other diseases of the digestive system, because chewing efficiency in such cases is reduced. And the stomach has to take over the functions of the fallen teeth.

Inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity are completely detrimental to appearance: they change the oval of the face, deepen the nasolabial folds, and provoke dullness of the skin. And the lack of regular prevention causes the appearance of early mimic wrinkles.

Gum disease is common in those who are overweight. The inability to chew food thoroughly causes them to swallow it in pieces, which leads to overeating.


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Periodontitis also indicates overweight and metabolic disorders. It is he who often causes gastritis, which affects the digestion of incoming food.

So, dental care is not only a solution to aesthetic problems, but also the prevention of serious diseases such as stroke or diabetes.

Teeth and gum care rules:

Brush your teeth daily, morning and evening, for at least two minutes.

• Visit the dentist twice a year.

• Stick to proper nutrition and try to have quality products in your diet.

• Use dental floss and rinse your mouth after every meal.

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