Due to high temperatures and improper drinking regimen, edema may appear. Do not take this phenomenon lightly, because swelling – not only a consequence of the heat, they can also indicate serious disorders in the body. Learn about the causes of swelling and how to deal with swelling in the legs and abdomen.

There are two main contributors to swelling: increased exercise and consumption of foods that retain fluid. In this case, it is possible to eliminate such a deficiency through the correction of nutrition and daily routine. If such measures turned out to be useless, and besides, you noticed that edema appears after sleep, this may indicate some kind of pathology, including from the side of the kidneys and the cardiovascular system.

Why swelling appears and how to get rid of them 

Sometimes the puffiness is distributed throughout the body and you can simply not notice it. To understand if you have such a problem, start weighing – in case you add 2-3 kilograms by the end of the day – Your body retains water. There are many reasons for the appearance of edema, consider the main ones.

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Swelling of the legs: causes and treatment 

Most often, swelling appears in the area of ​​the ankles, shins and feet. Due to the fact that superficial vessels expand in the heat, blood flow slows down in them, so swelling can also disturb quite healthy people. In this case, swelling occurs due to long sitting or standing, as well as wearing uncomfortable shoes. If such a problem bothers you regularly, pay attention to the state of your health.

What is important to pay attention to when swelling occurs

Reason #1. Heart failure

Often, edema for this reason annoys the elderly, who are prone to the development of cardiovascular diseases.  At a young age, people with congenital or acquired cardiopathology may face such a problem.

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What does swelling look like? Usually, such edema grows slowly and spreads from the bottom up. First, the swelling appears on the ankle and lower leg, and then spreads and can even affect the lower abdomen. Edemas are located symmetrically, if you press on them, the fossa does not disappear for a long time after pressing. The skin in this area acquires a bluish tint, becomes cold.

How to get rid of edema? Often such a serious pathology cannot go unnoticed, and those who have encountered it are well aware of this. You should regularly visit a cardiologist and follow all his recommendations.

Reason #2. Violation of the venous outflow

What does swelling look like? Puffiness is more pronounced on the knees and much less on the hips, towards evening the swelling increases, pain and heaviness in the legs are felt.

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How to get rid of edema? The final diagnosis can only be made by a phlebologist, evaluating the difference between the two legs. In order to get rid of edema, venotonics, wearing compressed knitwear can be prescribed. Moderate physical activity is also recommended – water aerobics and swimming are ideal.

Reason #3. Stagnation of lymph

What does swelling look like? Initially, the edema appears on one leg, and then the second one also swells, but in general, the asymmetry remains. When the congestion is still at the initial stage, the edema is unstable, they can increase in hot weather, with prolonged standing and decrease in the supine position. If you do not start to eliminate such a problem in time, the puffiness can thicken, and the skin in this area thickens, pits remain when pressed.

If there are no congenital lesions of the lymphatic system, lymph stagnation can be triggered by inflammatory processes in the body and poor nutrition.

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How to get rid of edema? To get rid of edema, all foci of inflammation should be eliminated, because even ordinary tonsillitis can cause an increase in lymph nodes, which act as an obstacle to the free outflow of lymph. The diet should be adjusted, because toxins that enter the lymphatic flow can create “plugs”. Lymphatic drainage massage, physiotherapy and wearing compressed knitwear are also used to treat lymph stagnation.

Swelling of the abdomen: causes and treatment 

As a rule, water retention in this zone is provoked by dietary habits or hormonal changes.

Reason #1. Protein starvation

People who follow a strict diet that restricts their intake of sufficient protein may experience this problem.

What does swelling look like? Such swellings are symmetrical.

How to get rid of edema? It is possible to get rid of them through adjusting the diet.

Reason #2. Hormonal changes

Hormonal edema may occur due to increased secretion of hormones that retain sodium in the body.

How to get rid of edema? Try to avoid stressful situations, because it is negative emotions that can provoke the formation of various biologically active substances.

In any case, only an examination will be able to indicate the exact cause of swelling, so do not ignore the problem and hurry to seek help from a specialist.

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