Продукты, которые могут вызвать вздутие живота

The causes of flatulence can be various – inactivity, diseases of the upper intestines, an unhealthy lifestyle, but the most common is the use of foods that cause bloating. To avoid this phenomenon, you need to know what food should be limited in your diet. If you are worried about constant bloating, estet-portal will help you identify the cause of discomfort in the stomach and neutralize it by changing your daily menu in such a way that you always feel light.

Foods that cause bloating

1. Cabbage

Cabbage contains raffinose, which remains undigested until the bacteria in the digestive tract break it down. In the process of splitting raffinose, gas is formed, which leads to bloating. Of course, you should not exclude healthy cabbage from your diet, just control its portions.

2. Legumes

Beans lead to the formation of gases – it is known to almost everyone. Although these foods are very high in protein, they also contain sugar and fiber that our body cannot absorb. Therefore, intestinal bacteria are taken for them. What to do? Try pairing legumes with easily digestible whole grains like rice.

3. Dairy products

If you develop gas after eating a few pieces of cheese or a bowl of cereal with milk, your body may be lacking the enzymes that break down lactose. It can also cause bloating.

4. Apples

Apple – an extremely healthy fruit, but, unfortunately, it is a product that causes bloating. Fructose and sorbitol – the main constituents of apples that cause gas formation. However, like cabbage, apples also do not need to be abandoned. Just choose the right time: if you are in tight jeans, it is better not to eat apples, be patient until the evening when you can change into more comfortable home clothes.

5. Excessively salty food

Too salty food can lead to fluid retention in the body – because of this you will feel like an inflated balloon. However, limiting your salt intake can and should be done for other reasons besides bloating: salt is associated with high blood pressure and all the negative health consequences that result from it. , Cynthia Sass, in the case of constant consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans, the body will get used to them, and such unpleasant consequences as bloating will not bother you as often as with the rare use of such products. About products that will help get rid of bloating

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