Психолог: 8 вредных привычек, которые расскажут, что вы скрываете

Have you been biting your nails since childhood? Or do you automatically line up bottles on your mother-in-law's dressing table? Do not let the wound heal, scratch it all the time? But all these habits — signals of our subconscious.

By learning to recognize their hidden causes and meanings, one can understand how a person relates to himself and others, what he does not want to show the world, and even what he himself does not know about himself.

That's why we decided to find out what our bad habits are really about.

Nail biting or school neuroses

There is a whole galaxy of so-called "school" neuroses or neuroses of obsessive movements, usually acquired in childhood – bite nails, caps, pencils, pens.

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According to psychologists, the habit of biting nails indicates internal anxiety, unconscious tension. Trying to resolve the internal conflict, “rodent” translates it into the outer, physical plane – he literally gnaws at himself.

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As a rule, this habit is associated with a lack of self-love, with low self-esteem. By biting his nails and making his hands disgusting, a person unconsciously punishes himself for not being worthy of love.

From the point of view of psychoanalysis, any elongated oblong object (be it a pen or a finger) is a phallic symbol for our unconscious.

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The habit of sucking, biting something like that is an unconscious way to get oral pleasure. Perhaps this indicates a significant concentration on erotic pleasures.

The habit of coping with stress through smoking

Psychologists are unanimous: talking about physiology —  nothing more than an attempt to justify the unwillingness to give up a harmful addiction. Smoking is strongly associated with rest, it gives the illusion of relaxation, plays the role of some psychological "painkillers".

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By compensating for the sucking reflex, the smoker experiences the peace and tranquility of the infant suckling the mother's breast, thereby satisfying the need for love and food.

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Many claim that they smoke in order to concentrate, believing that smoking helps to concentrate. For some, smoking makes it easier to establish social connections – in a smoking room it is easier to strike up a conversation about nothing than in an office corridor.

Whatever the reason behind the emotional dependence on cigarettes, in order to quit smoking, you need to get rid of it by finding other ways to concentrate, relax or communicate with others. The habit of uncontrolled eating - overeating 

Food addictions are firmly on the first place in terms of prevalence, ahead of drug addiction and alcoholism. We eat without tasting or smelling food until we get sick and the belt cuts into our sides.

As a consequence — heavy sleep, digestive problems and weight gain, self-hatred and - as in a vicious circle - the return of an uncontrollable desire to eat this hatred.


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The reason for most bad habits — it is the desire for pleasure. Food — it is the strongest and most accessible source of it. By overeating, we make up for the lack of positive emotions, dull our reactions to stressful situations.

How to reverse the effects of overeating in 4 days? Many emotional eaters protect themselves from more mentally strong people. In addition, in our subconscious there is a strong connection between food and sex: both are connected with the violation of the boundaries of our body and bring pleasure.

We often try to compensate for the lack of love with sex. And when we feel a lack of love and sex,

compensate for this with food.   The habit of biting lips and cheeks

People who have a habit of biting their lips and cheeks from the inside are well aware of the problem of stomatitis – the appearance of ulcers in the mouth. However, this problem – not the only one.

Mouth — it is a place through which we receive a huge amount of sensual pleasures associated with taste and eroticism. Unconsciously causing damage to this zone, a person punishes himself for excessive internal orientation to these pleasures.

What problems does lip biting give? Often, such an obsessive action also means a desire for independence and autonomy from others. For example, already an adult person psychologically can no longer live with his parents, but he does not have the opportunity to

separate from them. The habit of cracking fingers and a fanatical love of order

According to the observations of doctors, men crunch their knuckles more often than women. Crunch lovers claim that this habit helps them relieve tension, develop stiff joints and relax their hands.

But most often this habit speaks of inner self-doubt.


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Fanatical love of order

They clean up  everywhere they go, no matter how appropriate.  This habit speaks of a person's compulsive craving for perfection, which makes it difficult to feel comfortable if suddenly someone put a glass out of step with the others.

If you  constantly tear off labels from everywhere (from shampoo packages, jars, bottles) – it also indicates your perfectionism. A clean and smooth surface looks more perfect.

Home as a reflection of our personality. The obsession with the theme of order in psychology is called “accentuation” and even has a Freudian explanation. People who were potty trained in childhood, resorting to harsh command methods, can not stand the slightest violation of order all their lives, they rub, clean and arrange everything in a line.

This is a character trait, not a disease. However, it is worth considering this and not repeating the mistakes of your parents when raising your own children. And also to realize that the world is not perfect, and that's okay. 

The more you want to keep something perfect, the more often your ideal will be violated - there is no absolute in the world. And the more obsessive your desire, the greater the trauma for you

the violation of perfection will be. The habit of scratching wounds and pimples and tearing paper 

If you are haunted by a pimple or a healing wound that appears, and there is an acute desire to open them, then most likely you need to take action in relation to restoring inner harmony.

This habit is akin to nail biting, and speaks of restlessness, anxiety, and dissatisfaction.

According to research by Finnish psychologists, a person who has a habit of scratching tries to punish himself for stupid or obscene thoughts in a similar way.

This can be seen as a symbolic reprisal against one's own aggressiveness.  Such actions can be considered as auto-aggression (aggression directed against oneself) in order to draw attention to one's own person.

Paper tearing

The habit of tearing paper expresses a person's desire to realize their own aggression directed outward.


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In the case when it is impossible to express one's own anger, irritation, displeasure directly to the "culprit", a person chooses socially acceptable options for substitutive actions. 

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