Родинка на ножке  –  что это такое и о чем может рассказать

Moles — These are sexy decorations. But sometimes — danger signals that should not be ignored. Brown moles are formed by skin cells, in which the melanin pigment is concentrated. Red — the result of vascular proliferation. Moles on the leg appear in people during puberty, in pregnant women, in the period of a sharp weight gain, in representatives of the so-called third age. If the composition of the mole on the leg (acrochordon) is no different from others, then the special form of this formation requires increased attention of the owner.

Everything you need to know about a leg mole — acrochordone

Dermatocosmetologists call acrochordon polyp, soft fibroma, hanging nevus. What is an acrochordon? This — softened name for a benign neoplasm of the skin. Color — brown, yellow, flesh. A huge mole on leg does distinguish by gender — occurs with equal frequency in women and in men.

Location of moles on leg — skin folds. They are formed on the skin of the eyelids and neck, in the armpits, in the groin area, on the surface of the external genital organs, in the perianal region. In addition, acrochordons often appear on the trunk — on tummy, on back.

Dermatologists divide hanging nevi into 3 groups:

  1. Papules up to 2 mm in size. Formed on the neck, in armpits. Color — light brown, flesh-colored.

  2. Filamentous acrochordons up to 5 mm in size with well-defined stem. Color — brown, black-brown.

  3. Large Acrochordon — size up to 2 cm in diameter. Differ in warty surface. Color scheme — from flesh to deep brown.

What problems can arise with moles on leg

Special "design" hanging nevus — cause of a number of problems. It’s not necessary to treat it, but it’s still worth watching or preventing injuries.


  1. If the mole on leg is located under the arm, then on hot days the owner experiences discomfort due to sweat and feelings of friction. In addition, get rid of hair in this area must be selective. You can not, for example, use laser, wax, sugar depilation. Only creams and a classic machine that needs to carefully bypass a mole on leg.

  2. Unsuccessful placement of acrochordon — on the waist, neck, back, under the mammary glands, on the eyelid can cause mechanical pressure on hanging nevus. Then the mole on the leg starts to hurt. Breakdown may occur. So that the mole on the leg does not come off by itself, it can be removed surgically. If the detachment of the fibroma occurred arbitrarily, then we protect the place of rupture with adhesive tape, and then we show the injured nevus to the doctor.

  3. Dangling moles on eyelids can interfere with the natural blinking of the eyes, get tangled in eyelashes, make it difficult to apply makeup. If there is a qualified dermatologist surgeon in your city, then from such a "decoration" worth getting rid of.

  4. Soft fibroma discoloration, whitish or bloody discharge — a sign of the need for a consultation with a dermatologist.

  5. If a mole on leg started to grow, then it — a signal to hormonal changes in the body. Therefore, it is worth undergoing a comprehensive examination of the body. Or at least see your family doctor, a specialized specialist.

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About what moles on legs signal

The appearance of a mole on leg — certain body signal. It means changes in the hormonal background or metabolic rhythm. Therefore, the owner of the acrochordon must take care of his health. And the most hanging nevus can be removed surgically. Similar manipulations are done in aesthetic surgery clinics. They use a laser, so there are practically no traces on the skin. If surgery is not available, then the owner must protect the hanging mole from involuntary domestic injury.


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