Щелочная и кислая пища: что важно знать

Dinner or lunch, we do not often think about what kind of reaction food causes in the body. The main thing is to be tasty and nutritious.

However, one or another product, after complete digestion, forms acidic or alkaline environment. It has nothing to do with the body's own pH.

Alkaline food should predominate in order to live a normal life and maintain the body's defense reactions. As a percentage, a person should consume 20% acidic food and 80% alkaline.

But how do you know which foods cause an alkaline environment? The Internet edition estet-portal.com will help you figure this out.

1. Which foods are alkaline and which are acidic
2. Seasonal diet to maintain alkaline-acid balance
3. How to check the acidity of the body at home

Which foods are alkaline and which are acidic

Long-term consumption of acidic foods has a negative impact on health. This can be expressed by rapid fatigue, fatigue, insomnia.

In order to normalize the alkaline-acid balance and neutralize the excessive action of the acidic environment, the body begins to actively consume sodium. Then it consumes calcium reserves.

The presence of these substances in insufficient quantities has a bad effect on the whole organism. There is fragility of nails and bones, porosity of hair.

In addition, increased acidity leads to accelerated aging and degeneration processes.

Various viruses, bacteria, cancer develop better in an acidic environment. To avoid this, it is necessary to eat alkaline food.

Alkaline foods normalize the body's acidity and should dominate in the diet. To do this, you need to know which specific foods are alkaline and acidic foods.

Sour food:

• animal products: meat, fish, eggs, poultry;

• dairy products: milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, kefir;

• fried food;

• dried cereals and legumes;

• semi-finished products;

• bakery products and sweets;

• coffee, tea, alcohol, carbonated drinks.

Alkaline food:

• fresh and canned vegetables and fruits, including citrus fruits;

• cereal grains, seeds, sprouted legumes;

• baking soda;

• sea ​​salt. If you have consumed more acidic food than is acceptable, you need to make a "cocktail": add the juice of half a lemon or a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water. This will balance the balance.

My default imageSeasonal diet to maintain alkaline-acid balance

According to the Japanese philosophy of a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary to eat seasonal, organic products.

Exclude completely processed and animal products.

Japanese Macrobiotics recommends

learning to balance foods. Include more brown rice, cereals, vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds in your diet.

It is especially important that the food is dominated by seasonal products: 1) in winter you need to eat: fresh and pickled vegetables, soy sauce, butter, millet, rice, buckwheat;

2) in spring: seasonal vegetables, herbs, natural mild spices;

3) summer: vegetables, corn, seasonal fruits, barley, bulgur;

4) in autumn: root vegetables, pumpkin, legumes, cereals, rice, millet.

Wheat flour before sifting, rice without polishing and other unprocessed cereals form a low acid environment. After processing, these foods are classified as acidic foods.

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check the acidity of the body without going to the doctor

, you only need to get litmus paper. It is used to determine acid in solutions. We often saw her in chemistry classes. Dipped in an acid solution, the paper turned red, and in an alkaline solution – the paper turned blue.

To understand the acidity of your body, check your urine with paper in the morning on an empty stomach. If the paper turns blue, it's good, if it turns red, then the acidity in the body is too high and it is necessary to balance the diet. But nutrition alone is not enough to balance the level of acidity. It is also important to understand what you are drinking. After all, the kidneys are an important organ through which everything a person drinks passes.

Therefore, to normalize acidity, doctors recommend drinking more herbal teas and water.

Water is an absolutely alkaline product

. By using it in the required amount per day, you can lower the level of acidity.

Alkaline and acidic foods

should be consumed in moderation. It is in the stomach that there are a number of microorganisms and bacteria necessary for our normal existence. Eating excessively acidic foods leads to health problems, vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

In the diet, the emphasis should be on vegetables, fruits, whole grains, mild spices. We need to forget about ready-made products and products of animal origin. Then the body will thank you with good health, longevity and radiance.

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