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To detect signs of acidification of the body in time means to protect yourself from diseases

Brittle nails, damage to the tooth enamel, rheumatism, joint problems, back and intervertebral disc problems, muscle pain and impaired blood circulation.

Frequent digestive problems, cramps after exercise, constant fatigue, frequent headaches, infections, infections, dry skin, dull hair, baldness, cellulitis, varicose veins, blood pH above 7.45, and even a heart attack, stroke and cancer – these are the consequences and warning signs of acidification of the body.

Signs of acidification of the body – start of serious diseases

If the symptoms and/or diseases described above are familiar to you firsthand, but the cause of such problems is unknown to you, think about acidification of the body. After all, many diseases begin with it.

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Nutrition of a "civilized man" leaves much to be desired. Indeed, finished products – it is very convenient, carbonated drinks and chocolate – very tasty; it's hard to believe that such goodies are the reason:

  • damage to tooth enamel;
  • rheumatism;
  • headaches;
  • obesity;
  • high pressure;
  • diabetes;
  • varicose veins;
  • cancer, etc.

Meanwhile, diseases are getting closer and faster to young people. Diseases are "getting younger" because few people pay attention to the first signs of acidification of the body (acidosis). Over the past 20 years, I have watched the health disasters that have been the result of malnutrition.

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Why expose yourself to illness and premature death, if even at retirement age you can age with dignity and lead an active lifestyle?

You won't believe it, but studies show that only 3% of cancer victims die from this disease, the remaining 97%, unfortunately, fall victim to ignorance or negligence.

Is it possible to detect the signs of body fixation yourself

Firstly, the signs of acidification of the body described above can be easily noticed on your own. At home, you can also check the level of acidification of the body, namely saliva, urine or feces.

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To do this, you need to purchase indicator (litmus) paper (for example, in the range from 5 to 9). By the way, the pH value of saliva does not vary as much as the pH of urine. It is better to measure the acidity every day so that you can later calculate the average value for the week.

Saliva pH test results:

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Urine pH value:

morning: 6.0–6.4;

evening: 6.4–7.0.

If the urine pH is below 5.0, this indicates dangerous acidity. It should be noted that the food consumed affects the pH value of urine – animal proteins increase acidity, plant foods lower it.

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The daily pH value of urine should be slightly above 6.5. It is worth noting that a one-time measurement of urine pH is not indicative, so it is better to conduct such a test periodically for 3 weeks. The average urine pH for the week should be 6.2-6.8. This value should be maintained for 3 weeks.

To more accurately determine the degree of acidification of the body, blood, urine and saliva should be analyzed to shed light on the immunological (blood), digestive (saliva) processes and the excretion of acids from the body (urine).

Taking into account the obtained results, it is possible to judge the health risks of the current acidification of the body. It is best to consult a doctor in this matter.

What is the acidity and alkalinity of liquids?

All liquids are classified according to their acid-base balance value. It is measured in pH values ​​from 1 to 14. This value ranges from pH = 1 (acidic) to pH = 14 (alkaline).

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Depending on the proportions and degree of dilution with aqueous neutral solutions (pH = 7), the value of the acid-base balance of the liquid may change in one direction or another.

рН = 1 – it is a very acidic medium (for example, 0.35% hydrochloric acid), pH = 7 – this is a neutral value (for example, drinking water), and pH = 14 – this is a very high alkalinity (for example, a concentrated soda solution).

What leads to acidification of the body

"Extra" acids must be excreted from the body or neutralized by its forces. Acids are excreted in urine, feces, exhalation and/or through the skin. If the body cannot cope with their excretion, harmful acidic residues accumulate in it and lead to the appearance of signs of acidification of the body.  

If, after measuring the acidity level of urine and/or saliva, you notice that there is a threat of acidification of the body, eliminate or limit the intake of carbohydrates and animal proteins from your diet as much as possible. After that, monitor your pH values ​​for a couple more weeks.

If you had certain health problems at the same time, the results of such a change in nutrition will simply amaze you! For an objective assessment of the result, you can start a journal and note in it weekly improvements in your condition, for example, using a 10-point scale for this.

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