Smoking – one of the most unpleasant and harmful habits. Smokers face a huge number of diseases, the most terrible of which, perhaps, is lung cancer. It is this organ that suffers from tar and other set of harmful substances that accumulate in the lungs of a smoker. Therefore, cleansing the lungs after smoking – a mandatory procedure that every owner of this addiction must go through. But how to do that? This is what will talk about in this article.

Cleansing the lungs after smoking – available methods

Lungs of a smoker, especially an inveterate one, – a deplorable sight. Tobacco campaigners have created a wealth of visual material, including pictures and videos, that show frightening pictures of the smoker's lungs. Looking at them, you understand that it is simply impossible to do without cleansing the lungs after smoking. How to clear the lungs after smoking?

  1. The first and most basic step in clearing the lungs after smoking – quit smoking

No matter how much effort you put into clearing your lungs after smoking, if you keep filling them daily with smoke and all the harmful substances that go into cigarettes, you don't give your lungs a chance to recover properly.

  1. Lungs clear themselves

If the body is given the opportunity, it is quite capable of clearing itself of any harmful substances that you abuse. And the lungs in this case are no exception. Despite the process of self-cleansing of the lungs, they may no longer return to the form in which they were before the start of smoking. It depends on the experience of the smoker, the number of cigarettes smoked per day and age. However, the process of clearing the lungs after smoking begins after the last cigarette smoked.

  1. How to clean your lungs after smoking with nutrition

You can speed up the process of clearing your lungs after smoking with the help of proper nutrition, and here are some foods that contribute to this:

apples – ascorbic acid and magnesium, which are contained in apples, help the lungs cope with the task faster; it is also necessary to increase the amount of various vegetables and fruits in the diet;

pineapples – this fruit is good for the lungs due to the presence of bromelain in it, they are also famous for their ability to remove toxins and toxins;

garlic – one of the most powerful products for cleansing the lungs after smoking; allicin included in it is able to literally dissolve harmful mucus in the lungs and promote its removal from the body; similar properties are also characteristic of ginger, cayenne pepper and horseradish;

green tea and expectorant herbal teas;

water – this is one of the main conditions for cleansing the whole organism, including the lungs of a smoker; therefore water must be drunk in sufficient quantities.

  1. To clear your lungs after smoking, avoid airborne irritants

These include smoke (primarily cigarette smoke), aerosol cleaning products, hair sprays, etc. Try to limit the impact of such irritants on the lungs as much as possible.

  1. Breathing exercises to clear the lungs after smoking

Exercise breathing exercises are good because they help to saturate the whole body with oxygen, promote proper ventilation of the lungs and eliminate toxins from them. However, such gymnastics is effective only if the exercises are performed correctly.

  1. Sauna, inhalations and walks in coniferous forests, which have a beneficial effect on the state of the respiratory system, will also help in cleansing the lungs of a smoker.

How long does it take for the lungs to clear after smoking?

If you're wondering how long it takes to clear your lungs after smoking, know that the process usually takes 12 months and can be as long as 24 – 36 months after quitting a bad habit.

Signs of a smoker's lung clearing

How do you know that the process of clearing the lungs after smoking has already begun?

  • wet cough (with sputum) indicates the beginning of the process of removing accumulated harmful substances from the lungs;
  • reduction of shortness of breath indicates that there are already fewer harmful substances in the lungs that prevent breathing with full breasts;
  • a burst of energy – people who are lucky enough to quit smoking are sure to share the joy of how much better they feel, and generally do not understand why they smoked for so many years. invites you to join the ranks of non-smoking lucky people who got rid of their addiction and were able to improve their well-being and save a lot of money. Willpower to you and patience, believe me, it's worth it!

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