Human Consciousness – this is perhaps the most amazing thing that has ever been created by nature. Each person is absolutely unique, the thoughts lurking in the depths of his head are available only to him, and who knows what amazing secrets exist in the minds of people passing by you. For many years, a person has been trying to study his consciousness and find new ways to influence it. Particularly "interested" people try to study themselves from different angles, for example, under the influence of various psychotropic substances. But science knows some absolutely safe ways to influence the mind, which allow you to experience new interesting sensations without harming your body.

How to influence the mind without hurting yourself

The use of psychotropic drugs is a huge problem of our time. Emotional, creative people like to experiment with substances of this kind in order to experience new sensations. In a state of deep immersion in oneself, a person actually discovers new boundaries of his consciousness, explores it, and quite often the human brain generates incredible, sometimes even brilliant ideas. And everything would be fine if such substances did not cause such severe harm to the body. talks about unique and very interesting ways to influence the mind that do not harm health.

Influence on consciousness:

  • method of influencing consciousness #1: Ganzfeld effect;
  • method of influencing the mind #2: burning candle technique;
  • Method of influencing consciousness #3: Purkinje effect.

Method of influencing consciousness #1: The Ganzfeld Effect

Gantzfeld is translated from German as "empty field". This technique teaches how to influence consciousness in a state of deepest relaxation, when a person completely withdraws into himself and can see absolutely incredible things. To immerse the subject in a state of "complete relaxation"; necessary

  • put on headphones;
  • turn on a radio wave with white noise, the components of which are evenly distributed over the range of frequencies involved;
  • the person's eyes must be tightly closed, for example, with halves of a ping-pong ball cut in half glued to them;
  •  turn on a red light in front of his face.

The brain of a person in such an atmosphere, after 30-60 minutes, gets tired of the absence of external stimuli and begins to create its own unique  and interesting images, on which the researcher focuses.

Method of influencing consciousness #2: burning candle technique

You can influence the mind and experience incredible sensations with the help of, you will be surprised, an ordinary candle and mirrors. It was these things that were used in the old days by lovers to predict their own future. The technique is very simple: a lighted candle is placed between two mirrors in such a way that an endless path of the reflected candle is created in the mirrors. It turns out that the flame of a candle flickers with the frequency of the alpha rhythm of the human brain, which is 8-13 Hz. Contemplating the flickering of a candle reflected in the mirrors, a person can plunge into a state of deep meditation.


Method of influencing consciousness #3: Purkinje effect

Quite simple, but no less than the previous ones, an interesting way of influencing consciousness is connected with the only star in the solar system. As it turns out, you can create incredible images in your head simply by turning your face to the sun, closing your eyes and passing your hand in front of them several times. You will see how after a few seconds of such manipulations, multi-colored images will appear in your head. The Purkinje effect is explained by the shift in spectral light sensitivity during the transition from daytime to twilight vision. In daytime vision, the maximum corresponds to the wavelength of yellow-green tones, and in twilight – bluish green. It is in this way that when the sensitivity shifts in the human head, interesting multi-colored pictures appear.

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