For each person, success means their own path, desires, intentions, their own comfort zone. For one person – this is a country house and a stable job, for another – own business and constant travel. Successful people approached their intention slowly, each day concentrating all their strength to get even a centimeter closer to the goal. And not just sitting at home and whining that there is no happiness, success too, and how scary it is to live. Time management specialists use the method of "splitting the elephant into steaks" to move towards the goal. This means that a large work or desire must be divided into small parts that are understandable and accessible at this time. And every day, eating one "steak" - performing a small task, we partially achieve our goal every day. Therefore, it is important to know how to achieve success with the rules that you must follow every day and make your life the way you want. Everything is real.

Top 10 Habits to Succeed and Improve Quality of Life

  1. The first habit to achieve success: programming yourself.

It all starts in the evening, continues in the morning and ends in the afternoon. Unusual habit, really. The bottom line: in the evening, plan yourself and your time for tomorrow. Before going to bed, program yourself: you need to get up at 6 in the morning, you need to do this amount of work. In the morning you will get up yourself, even before the sound of the alarm clock, and you will already know what to do, where to go and what to do. You can also program yourself for a positive day. Look in the mirrors, confess your love for yourself or your family, children. Smile at the same time, a morning smile leaves a good imprint for the whole day

  1. Restore the body's natural water balance by drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach.

Everyone knows how important it is to maintain the necessary balance of water in the body, drinking a glass of raw water in the morning, not boiled, acts as a trigger for the body. The dream passes, and in return comes a good mood. The body immediately receives a task, to renew energy, and begins to act.

  1. Connect with nature, walk and listen to the birds singing and the rustle of leaves, the snow falling.

Nature helps not only to saturate the lungs and brain with oxygen, but also to relax, concentrate, and be distracted. Walking in the morning or after a working day has a beneficial effect on the body. There are a lot of positive things in a walk in the park or just down the street: new ideas may come, or there is a chance to cheer up, you can meet other people, communicate with passers-by. If you just turn off your brain and walk, sometimes the solution to the problem will come by itself.

  1. Be thankful and give thanks.

Never forget about gratitude, because we live for the sake of others and ourselves. Find a person once a day and thank them. Say "Thank you" for health, hearing and voice, thinking and family. You will see, the mood will immediately rise and it will become easier to move on the path to success.

  1. The Fifth Habit for Success – meditation.

Not everyone knows how to meditate properly, but even just a 20-minute rest with your eyes closed will still be of great benefit. Sit back and close your eyes, listen to your breathing. Inhale – 1, 2, 3, 4 – hold your breath, about 4 – exhale. Fill your chest with air, feel the blood flowing through your veins. Observe your organisms by looking inward.

  1. Prioritize your tasks: important things first, and then everything else.

It is difficult to complete all tasks in a row, distribute forces and tasks according to priorities: which ones need to be completed first and which ones can be left for later. Thus, manage yourself the way your boss manages you, with the only difference – you can indulge yourself.

  1. Praise yourself and those around you.

Bring joy to yourself and others. Praise if you deserve it, do not deprive yourself of praise, indulge in sweets or going to the theater. But, do not do it too often, so as not to turn praise into a routine.

  1. Sweat more – provide the necessary physical activity every day.

During the working day, a lot of negative things accumulate in us, the body gets tired, the brain ceases to function normally. Let that energy come out and cheer up. Go in for physical education in the evening, set aside 30 minutes for this. This will be enough for the renewal of energy flows and systems along with sweat.

  1. Analysis of completed deeds and deeds, what was good today.

Every day life teaches us a lesson, don't forget to learn it and remember it. Highlight the good in every deed and deed, capture only the positive in your memory.

  1. The last habit to achieve success – study and read.

Successful people just don't achieve success, this is preceded by learning and development, a lot of self-development. Make it a habit to read every day, even if your work is not related to books, but only hard physical labor. All the same, spend at least 20 minutes reading books, popular literature, articles and magazines. Enlighten every day, make your brain think. And one day you will understand that success is near.

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