Топ-5 самых распространённых мифов о йоге

Many do not dare to do yoga simply because they are sure of their own lack of flexibility and low endurance. There is another category of people who believe that this psychotechnics can only be practiced in the studio. Еstet-portal.com will dispel the most popular myths about yoga to prove: "immersion"; in this practice is available to everyone. Although we will not deny that yoga is absolutely safe: in fact, it also has its own contraindications. At the same time, today she has a lot of new angles.

The main myths about yoga that you should stop believing in

Yoga – this is an ancient and, as many believe, not without a religious bias, teaching.

We present the typical myths about yoga, which are believed by people who judge this subject superficially, and facts that refute such baseless judgments.

Only flexible and plastic people are able to practice yoga

It's absolutely wrong. Yoga is not gymnastics, it is not an end in itself. The main task of this psychotechnics – help a person to know himself, his body, come to peace, the need to create good. Accordingly, the only reason why the emergence of yoga – striving for true happiness, harmony of the inner with the outer and freedom. Therefore, whether or not you know how to "throw" legs behind the head – it doesn't matter. It only seems to many that all yoga – flexible. All this develops in the process of training. If in this practice flexibility was the most important quality, and the body was considered the only tool with which to achieve the necessary goals, then acrobats would be cool yogis, and there would be no need for meditation.<

Yoga – physical practice

Yoga, first of all, is the work of the mind. It helps you to realize your true purpose in life. This is the road to self-improvement, it leads up the ladder of spiritual development. Therefore, the physical side has never been considered the main one in yoga. Undoubtedly, this side of the practice is quite significant, but does not prevail. One should devote oneself to yoga in such a way that the body does not experience pain, but becomes stronger over and over again to use breathing techniques.

Yoga can only be practiced in the studio

And this statement has no basis. Yoga classes are quite feasible everywhere: at home, outdoors, in the office, on the street, in bed, and even standing in a traffic jam in a car, you can practice. The main thing that is required – relaxation and calm breathing.     

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All types of yoga are almost the same type

Most people refuse to do yoga just because they think it's – not for them. But the fact is that you need to find your own, suitable type of practice. And in this case, motivation is incredibly important. You should understand exactly what you expect from the lessons. So, the types of yoga are determined by different combinations of exercises. Suppose a person feels unwell, he needs yoga therapy. When the task is to relieve psychological stress, it is better to turn to kundalini yoga. YOGA23 is resorted to if necessary to strengthen the body. And if the goal is set –

lose excess weight, the best ally – ashtanga vinyasa yoga.

It is impossible to lose weight by doing yoga

Despite the fact that there are hardly any full yogis, it is quite common to believe that rapidly losing weight by doing this "passive" practice, impossible; unlike the rather optimistic results with increased cardio loads. But, as mentioned above, it is enough to choose the right direction in yoga, in particular, turn to Vinyasa classes. After all, the main advantage of yoga is that pranayamas and asanas allow you to "get" to those organs that are practically inaccessible during normal classes in fitness clubs or on treadmills. The result is literally amazing by the acceleration and

improvement of the digestive process, which contributes to easier and more correct digestion of food.          No matter how simplified yoga is today due to its popularization, it remains a deep and potentially powerful teaching, where everyone is given everything they need. This psychotechnics is designed to "ignite" there is an inner light in people, connecting them with their real "I".

It is the process of popularizing yoga that allows a huge number of people around the world to follow the path of self-improvement. And no myths about yoga can interfere with this.



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