Упражнения для лица: фейсбилдинг для омоложения и красоты

Striving for beauty and youth, women have tried to maintain their skin tone in various ways for centuries. Often this requires a significant investment of time and financial investment.

However, leading cosmetologists and facial trainers have developed a unique set of muscle toning exercises that do not take much time and do not require financial investments.

Editor estet-portal.com has prepared a material about exercises for the face and supporting its muscles, against wrinkles, which can be used at any free or convenient time, anywhere.

Facial exercises: how often you need and can do facial exercises

In addition to daily facial care, experts recommend doing special exercises for the skin and muscles of the face every day, which leads to a tightening effect.

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They take a little time and effort to complete, about 5-10 minutes, and the benefits of such exercises are great.
Home facelift exercises do not give instant results, but if you have the patience, then this free and safe method will surely please you with positive changes.

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Regular facial exercises contribute to the following effects:

• Increased lymphatic drainage, which contributes to the rapid removal of toxins;

• improved blood circulation and improved oxygen supply;

• smoothing of mimic wrinkles due to the growth of mimic muscles;

• accumulation of protein and collagen molecules that contribute to tightness, elasticity and muscle tone.

A few simple exercises in just 5 minutes

The unique toning facelift exercises take a little time and require little effort.

Home facial with professional results

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Eye massage

Eye massage is performed in the area of ​​the lower and upper eyelids, under the orbit and above the orbit. Before starting the massage, apply a light moisturizing nourishing cream to the skin around the eyes.

When doing exercises at home to tighten the skin of the face in the eye area, do not forget that the epidermis of this area is very sensitive. The skin is delicate, so pain is contraindicated here.

Use four fingertips to massage 2 eyes at the same time, in a circular motion with slight pressure in one direction and then in the other. Thus, you need to do 10-12 repetitions.

With four fingers placed vertically, press lightly on the bottom, and then on the upper eyelid for 4-8 seconds. Then make frequent taps through the eyelids in the direction of the nose and back.

Take 8-10 pads with a slight pressure of the finger on the outer eye sockets, then with rolling movements go to the nose and repeat 8-10 clicks.

After lymphatic drainage, it is necessary to perform a procedure for washing the face with contrast water.

Forehead Massage 

Place your palm on your forehead, placing the base of the brush over your eyebrows. The muscles of the forehead, raising the eyebrows, the hands create a slight resistance. Such movements repeat the movement 5-6 times.

To relax the facial muscles, you need to press your eyebrows with three fingers. Stretch your eyebrows for 2-4 minutes. This exercise helps to tone the subcutaneous muscles of the frontal part of the face.

My default imageCheek Exercises

Take a deep breath in your mouth and hold your breath. Then slowly release air through half-open lips. Do 10 repetitions.

Puff out your cheek a little and rotate the air from cheek to cheek.

Massage your tongue on the inside of your cheek.
The exercises are aimed at increasing the elasticity of the muscles that control the movement of the lips.

Smile as wide as possible, then quickly and smoothly make a pipe with your lips. Repeat the exercise 15-18 times.

Cracks in the corners of the lips: why they appear and how to get rid of it

The neck should be stretched as much as possible, the lips should be directed forward, squeezing them with a bow and pulling them forward, like kissing. The lips are pressed lightly with the fingers. This tension will cause resistance in the labial muscles.

The exercises are aimed at significantly slowing down the formation of wrinkles.

You need to hold the earlobes with your fingers and for 25 -35 seconds to lower them down, then this time to pull them up. After that, in a circular motion, pull the earlobes in one direction and
in the other direction.
Complex of universal exercises for tightening the entire face oval

Faceliftis a set of facelift and facelift exercises that can be performed at home. After 1 month of daily facial muscle training, you can see a significant effect.


In preparation for complex facial exercises, you should thoroughly wash your hands and apply a light nourishing cream or vegetable oil to your skin.


1. Say the vowels.

Use maximum muscle articulation. Pronounce vowels with expression. This exercise must be repeated at least 30 times.

My default image2. Jaw extension.
Tilt your head back, pulling the skin from your chin. Push your lower jaw slightly forward. Fix this position for 10 seconds. Then slowly relax.
3. To rejuvenate and strengthen the lips.
To lift the lowered corners of the lips, you need to fix the nasolabial area with your fingers and, smiling, lift the corners of the lips.

How to visually enlarge the lips

4. Strengthen and smooth the cheeks. Put (from top to bottom) index fingers in the crease between the nose and cheeks, slightly stretch the lips. Use your middle fingers to hold the corners of your lips, making sure the corners are up. Tighten and relax your lips tightly.
5. For the eyes.
Close your eyes. Move your pupils up and back. While doing the exercise, try not to open your eyes. In the upper eyelid, you need to feel muscle tension.
7. Open your mouth and blink.
Maximum open mouth. Slightly move your head forward, blinking frequently for 8-10 seconds. Repeat the exercise 25-30 times.
8. For the ears.
Press the ears against the skull, moving them slowly up and down 20-25 times. Performing the exercise, you need to feel the contraction of the muscles of the ear.
9. Tongue exercises.
Pull out the tongue and roll it into a tube, then unfold and repeat. Repeat the exercise for 10-15 seconds.
Maximum stretch the tongue, trying to reach it to the chin, then to the nose, to the right and left corner of the lips.

A simple complex facial exercises

10. For wrinkles around the eyes. Lightly squeeze the corners of the eyes with two fingers. Close your eyes as much as possible, hold for 3-4 seconds and open them as wide as possible. A slight muscle trembling is felt under the fingers. The eyes are raised as much as possible. The lower eyelid is tightened, overcoming tension, alternating with the relaxation of the century. You need to feel tension and slight trembling in the outer part of the orbit.
Draw an infinity sign in different directions in
for 20 seconds.
Facial exercises to help you get a perfect and toned face

An interesting fact!My default image Sometimes there are those among people whose face does not correspond to their real age at all. Thanks to a young face, a man seems much younger than he really is. According to dermatologists, this type of people simply tend to show more feelings and emotions than ordinary people. Because of this, they willy-nilly perform far more facial movements than others. This helps to keep all the muscles of the face in constant tone and ages much more slowly.

The muscles of the face need regular training, if not, they quickly lose their tone, elasticity and vitality. This provokes sagging and aging of the skin by the age of 37-40.


If you regularly do

facial exercises at home, the facial muscles will actively resist sagging and become fresh and supple.
The result of a complex of gymnastic facial toning exercises will become noticeable after 2-4 weeks of daily active work.

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