We get some vitamins from food, and some – only in the form of drugs. Everyone needs them, regardless of age. And now we will talk about vitamins, or rather about their role for men. Yes, it is for men, because they – our support and protection, and, exhausting themselves at work for the sake of the family, they do not have time to think about such a seemingly trifle as vitamins. But women want to see a handsome, healthy, confident man next to them, and not a dull bald old man.

So, let's start with the main vitamin for men. You probably think that this is a popular vitamin C? No, there is a more suitable candidate, and this is vitamin D. Studies have shown that this vitamin is responsible for the male immune system. If it is absent, immune T cells become powerless against diseases and infections. T-cells are activated when there are chemical signals that the body is being attacked by bacteria, infections, or viruses. It is then that they begin to fulfill their direct function, but without vitamin D they cannot do it on time, and it turns out that the body passes the disease inside due to the lack of an immune system response. Also, vitamin D will help the bones become stronger, withstand heavy loads, and, importantly, fights cancer cells. It is also useful for potency, erection and everything related to sex.

Next, consider Vitamin C, a deficiency of which can lead to excessive fatigue, distraction, and sexual problems. Vitamin C is not resistant to alcohol and tobacco smoke, so if you have these bad habits, it will break down at an incredible rate. Being a powerful antioxidant, it helps our heart to work properly, fights free radicals, which are the cause of cardiovascular disease. Such a vitamin for men nourishes and strengthens blood vessels, makes them more elastic, lowers cholesterol, helps fight stress, and slows down the aging process. This vitamin can be found in citrus fruits, sea buckthorn, onions, cabbage, green peppers, kiwi, and black currants. These products are best consumed raw.

It is believed that Vitamin E ensures the normal functioning of the reproductive system of men, and its lack affects the formation of sperm. Sufficient use – guarantee of active movement of spermatozoa. It also prevents prostate cancer. But still, before buying vitamin E or supplements that contain it, it is recommended to consult a doctor, especially if you are taking aspirin or similar drugs. This vitamin is found in nuts, oils (olive, corn, sunflower).

Zinc. Lack of zinc can lead to a decrease in testosterone levels (i.e. deterioration in sperm quality), potency, and sexual desire. Due to the lack of a sufficient dose of zinc, the signs of aging appear very early. The daily dose should not exceed 50 mg. Vitamin H deficiency leads to baldness. This substance is responsible for the transport of sulfur, which, in turn, is involved in the renewal of skin cells, hair, nails.

Vitamin H is also a regulator of living metabolism in the body, therefore, with minor violations, the hair grows fat faster – vitamin H can no longer control the skin, and excess fat is produced on its own, and this threatens with baldness. Vitamin H can be found in meat (lamb, beef), yolk, yeast, beets, soy, spinach, porcini mushrooms, sea buckthorn. The norm for a man is 30-100 mcg.

But if you or your man feel weak, you should contact a specialist who will correctly select the necessary vitamins and their dose.

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