Growing up, a person realizesthat wishes cannot be fulfilled by the wave of a magic wand as if in a fairy tale. In order to what - or you need to achieve long and hard work tirelessly. But sometimes, achieving the goals – whether financial well-being or a happy family can be difficult without a certain psychological attitude.

Often people do not believe that they are actually capable of changing their lives and do not try to resort to well-known methods that even the outstanding minds of mankind have tried on themselves. Read the article from estet-portal about the desire visualization technique and how it helps to turn dreams into reality.

Visualization is the creation of images of visual reality in the imagination and is one of the most powerful tools for achieving goals. Eminent figures such as Walt Disney, Nikola Tesla, and Leonardo da Vinci attributed their creative genius to their ability to visualize. Read the article about how wish visualization works and how to achieve the desired results with it.

Phase 1: Manifest

It's time to specifically formulate exactly what you want, without exchanging for everything that can cause wild delight. You need to realize that if you just say "I want", nothing will happen, because life – not a fairy tale, where one has only to say a magic word or make a wish, as soon as with a wave of a magic wand all dreams become reality. In order to realize everything you have planned, you need to specifically think over what you want.

It is impossible to have two Huskies at the same time in your country house and at the same time move to live in India. You always have to choose what is more important for you at the moment. To make this task easier, take some time to write down all your desires on a piece of paper, then sort and prioritize them. Important: voice your desire only in the present tense. For example, not "I want to get married", but "I'm married".

Phase 2. Visualization

After you have identified the main desire, visualize it. There are many ways to implement such a method. Choose what you like best – draw with pencils or paints on paper, work with a graphic editor, embroider, sculpt from clay, write poetry or songs, sing. At least one of these types of creativity is able to please everyone.

Rendering rules:

  • try to be creative only in high spirits;
  • completely immerse yourself in your own desire, discarding all thoughts of work and other worries;
  • You must identify yourself with the result of your creativity, be the main character of your creations;
  • what you create should always be at hand.

Visualization Ideas:

  • weight loss. Nothing complicated – just picture yourself with the body you want;
  • financial well-being. It would seem that it is enough to draw a suitcase with banknotes sticking out of it, a luxury car and a villa in Hawaii. However, such tactics will not lead to anything, because we achieve success gradually, money does not fall on anyone's head for no reason at all. Therefore, try to portray what makes it possible to acquire capital – perfect workplace, dozens of signed contracts, satisfied customers.

The Wish Fulfillment System can only inspire you to work hard and help you come up with and implement successful ideas and projects.

Meet your soul mate. A couple must be depicted on the product of your creativity, that is, you and your loved one. 

Stage 3. Transformation

This stage of visualization of desires is much more difficult than the previous two. You have to act as if what you want has already happened.

If your goal is to achieve financial prosperity, act like you are rich. This does not mean at all that you need to spend money right and left, on the contrary – learn how to budget your budget like wealthy people do. They prefer to buy rather expensive, but high-quality and durable things that are really needed at the moment. In addition, such people do not miss the chance to use various privileges, such as discounts for regular customers and special offers.

Dream of a graceful figure? Cook something healthy for breakfast, take low-calorie snacks with you to work, eat salads for dinner. Missing a loved one around? Do not despair! Continue to have sweet correspondence with potential boyfriends, mentally confess your love, and cook breakfast for two on the weekends.

Don't be afraid to look ridiculous in your own eyes. A serious attitude is best left for meetings and business negotiations. Since the desire visualization system works on a subconscious level, it will only work if you believe in it.

Stage 4. Thanks

Be grateful. According to the law of acceptance, you should accept everything that happens to you. Many people tend to deny their desire for a different life. Often we think that somewhere is better. For example, we constantly think about the fact that a friend has an ideal figure, but we never think about how much effort she put into becoming the owner of such a body, regularly exercising and limiting herself in nutrition. We think that the neighbors have a strong and happy family, and we have – no, but no one cares what happens inside the apartment, because in fact it can only seem from the outside that this family is perfect and they have no problems.

Everything that a person gets – a reflection of his inner state of mind, as well as his attitude to the world around him. In order to find something good, you yourself need to become better and kinder, because desires are reincarnations of yourself and your thoughts into reality.

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