Smoking is an addiction programmed into our minds. Since Columbus introduced the plant to Europe, there has been a fierce struggle between opponents of tobacco use and those who did not see anything wrong with this habit. At a certain time, healing properties were attributed to tobacco, some doctors attributed it to headaches, toothaches, joint pains, etc. The peak of the popularity of smoking came in the post-war years, but already in the 1960s they started talking about the dangers of this habit. Now everyone is well aware of how detrimental to health is addiction to nicotine. will describe how the body recovers after smoking.

Time and stages of body recovery after smoking

There are products that help neutralize the negative effects of smoking on the body. However, independently and at the same time successful recovery of the body after smoking is possible only if this habit is abandoned. The basis of success in quitting smoking is the right attitude, iron willpower and the most abrupt cessation of smoking (according to research, this is the most effective way for a person who decides to quit smoking). To set those who want to quit in the right way, we invite you to see how the body will change after the last cigarette smoked.


20 minutes

In just 20 minutes you will be able to experience the first benefits of quitting a bad habit:

  • HR will return to normal;
  • blood pressure normalizes;
  • sensitivity of the limbs will increase;
  • the body will begin to clear itself of nicotine.

8 hours

The more time you spend without cigarettes, the easier it will be for your body:

  • The level of oxygen in the blood will return to normal.

The problem is that when you burn tobacco (in addition to all the other crap that goes into your body), you breathe in carbon monoxide, which binds to your blood cells and leaves no room for enough oxygen to attach.

48 hours

Many smokers are less sensitive to smells and tastes without noticing it. Fortunately, in terms of body recovery after smoking, the nerve endings will be renewed, so the taste of the usual food will become richer without any spices.

True, it is during this period that some people have a strong desire to return to their favorite bad habit, but do not give in - over time you will only get better.

72 hours

The next benefit of quitting smoking is the normalization of lung function. Of course, it is too early to talk about their complete restoration, but you will notice some improvements, because:

  • breathing will become easier;
  • The cilia in your lungs will begin to regenerate.

2 weeks

One of the best feelings an ex-smoker can experience after 2 weeks without cigarettes is a significant reduction in cravings for tobacco products. The lungs continue to repair themselves, gradually expelling toxins.

Plus, you will notice that your shortness of breath is no longer as severe as it used to be, and it will be easier for you to engage in active sports.

3 – 9 months

Positive changes will be noticeable on the skin: it will return to its former radiance and healthy appearance. This will be possible due to the improvement of blood circulation in the body. And increased collagen production will restore skin elasticity and slow down the formation of wrinkles.

1 – 5 years

It is after such a period of time that the risk of heart disease, which increases significantly in smokers, will be halved. In addition, the risk of developing types of cancer associated with smoking will be halved:

  • lung cancer;
  • kidney cancer;
  • throat cancer;
  • oral cancer, etc.

The desire to smoke will disappear, you will be grateful to yourself for quitting the destructive habit.

10 – 15 years

It won't take until 15 years for the body's recovery from smoking to reach the point where a former smoker's risks of heart disease and cancer equal those of a never-smoker. The body will finally completely forget that you once poisoned it with cigarette combustion products, and will function properly. wishes everyone who wants to quit smoking to quit this senseless activity as soon as possible and replace it with habits that are really good for health and well-being!

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