Возможно ли лечение деменции у пожилых людей и как с этим жить

If our beloved grandparents turn into forgetful, hysterical, capricious people due to a serious illness, then it is not so easy to support and provide them with proper care and support. Loss of a person as a person – this terrifies many, and that is the clinical picture of dementia.

estet-portal.com offers to consider whether it is possible treatment of dementia in the elderly, to find out how to help your loved ones after a diagnosis of dementia. We will also tell you how the diagnosis is carried out, what therapy is relevant and what it is aimed at.

Treatment of dementia in the elderly: where to start

At the first signs of dementia, it is worth going to a therapist. If he confirms your suspicions, then a visit to a psychiatrist, neurologist and neuropsychologist will be mandatory.

Diagnosis of dementia – a serious problem, therefore, as diagnostic measures, specialists conduct research and interviews with the patient. A neurological examination is carried out, which allows to determine the focal neurological symptoms of the disease.

Subscribe to our page in Instagram! if violations in a person are present for about six months. Without fail, specialists assess the level of consciousness of the patient and cognitive functions,

Goals of Dementia Treatment: How to Live with Dementia A confirmed diagnosis requires treatment, which consists in slowing down the process, overcoming the symptoms, prolonging the life of a person. Therapy aims at:• improve cognitive function;

• to stop and minimize behavioral disorders;

• improve the patient's quality of life.My default imageIn this regard, the therapeutic process is complex and does not get stuck in one direction. The main problem is how to live with dementia, because if the patient is not always aware of his behavior, then it is much more difficult for loved ones. During this period, the patient needs constant care, which is not easy to provide, so relatives should have patience and vitality.


What are the features of the treatment of dementia in the elderly

Complex therapy includes several varieties:

• sociotherapy, when specialists provide consultations regarding memory problems, legal aspects, the importance of providing proper care and a comfortable living environment for the patient;

• psychotherapy, which consists in working with patients and their relatives, the work takes place in groups and is aimed at improving memory; • pharmacotherapy, which should also be combined with physical therapy in the form of occupational therapy, massages, baths, etc.; • drug therapy, which is sometimes key, because it allows you to correct the symptoms of the disease.

Important factors in the treatment process of dementiaMy default image

When it comes to the early stage of dementia, the following factors in the treatment process are important:

• patient's lifestyle – to relieve anxiety and arousal, a comfortable home environment should be created with a constant number of people who will communicate with the patient, and there should also be a daily routine;

• motor activity – the key to successful treatment, therefore, patients need to be taken for walks, given feasible work around the house or garden, exercise therapy;
• the diet should be adjusted to include foods that lower cholesterol levels, as well as seasonings, seafood, consumption of

salt should be limited.

Dementia in the elderly: what are the chances of success The most interesting questions are: how is dementia treated in the elderly and can dementia be cured? It all depends on the stage, duration and cause of the disease. According to statistics, out of 10 cases, 1 is a reversible process, and the patient returns to a full life.In the early stages of the disease, it is important to follow all the doctor's prescriptions in order to achieve maximum improvement in the condition. With the help of treatment, the progression of the disease is slowed down and the patient's condition improves.

But such a tendency is noted in the early stages of the disease, so it is important to consult a doctor in a timely manner. In the later stages of the disease, significant improvement is not observed, the condition leads to the disintegration of the personality. Studies have shown that after a diagnosis of dementia is made, the patient can live no more than 6 years. Therefore, our advice is unchanged in this case too – at the first suspicion of dementia, seek the help of doctors. My default imageWatch us on YouTube:

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