Вредно ли загорать на пляже топлес

To sunbathe topless on the beach is now fashionable. Topless is translated from English as "naked to the waist." Indeed, more and more girls expose their breasts in order to get an even and beautiful tan, without white stripes from a swimsuit. Moreover, not only young representatives of the fair sex resort to such a fashionable hobby, but also women of respectable age. No wonder why nude beaches are so popular. But there is a lot of debate in medical circles about whether such a tan is safe. To find out the whole truth, read the material of the Internet publication estet-portal.com.

What is the danger of "naked" tan

Sunbathing without a swimsuit top – no one will be surprised by such a phenomenon. After all, it all started in the early 60s of the last century in Europe and France. It was then that the legendary film actress and fashion model Brigitte Bardot sunbathed absolutely without clothes. And in 1964, the monokini – swimsuit consisting of panties and thin braid.

The topless model Tony Lee Shelley and the French diva Brigitte Bardot were the first to introduce the fashion for sunbathing.

Today, many girls decide to sunbathe on the beach topless, who do not hesitate to show off the charms of their figure in front of other people. But many of them do not even know what such a hobby can turn into. And it is fraught with many dangers.

Doctors all unanimously claim that prolonged exposure to active sunlight harms the skin of the body. The fact is that the sun takes away natural moisture from the dermis, making it dry. For this reason, the cover ages faster, premature wrinkles and age spots appear on it. Sensitive skin suffers especially from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

But the worst thing that topless sunbathing can lead to is – it's breast cancer. The statistics of such a disease is shocking: a malignant tumor was found in every 20th inhabitant of the planet. Therefore, it is not surprising why oncologists-mammologists do not recommend sunbathing on the beach without the top of a swimsuit.
Chest – the most vulnerable part of the body. After all, it is covered all year round, and under the influence of the scorching sun it becomes helpless. This is due to the fact that her cells receive less melanin, which protects from the sun. In addition, the cover on the chest is much thinner and more sensitive, especially in the area of ​​the nipples and areola. Therefore, even not too active sunlight can significantly harm him. In addition to a severe burn, peeling and cracks in the nipples, boils, and even oncology, may appear. The latter disease often occurs in those women who have mastopathy or other benign formation. The fact is that under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, the work of the endocrine system is stimulated. And this sometimes leads to hormonal imbalance and activation of tumor growth.

Excessive exposure to the sun with open breasts can result in more than just breast cancer. If there are moles in this part of the body, they can degenerate into melanoma – skin cancer.

At risk are those women who:
•    have breast disease;
•    underwent breast surgery;
•    obese;
•     suffer from diabetes;
•    take hormones;
•    smoke;
•    have relatives who have been ill with cancer.

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How topless tan is good for women

It sounds paradoxical, but sunbathing without clothes is good for you. Italian and American scientists say that exposure to sunlight produces vitamin D, which reduces the risk of breast cancer. But only under the condition that a person is under the sun for a relatively short time. And supporters of sunbathing with their breasts to the sun are sure that it is precisely such sunbathing that makes the tan even, and the skin – beautiful. This is due to the same vitamin D, which stimulates the production of collagen, improves skin elasticity, and also prevents premature aging.

How to sunbathe topless on the beach: rules and recommendations

If you are an avid fan of bare-chested sunbathing and want to have not only a flawless even tan, but also excellent health, take note of the following rules and recommendations regarding sunbathing without a swimsuit top:
•   ;  Before sunbathing bare-chested again, be sure to consult an oncologist or mammologist, especially if you are over 24 years old.
•    Appear in the sun only in the morning before 11:00 and in the evening after 16:00. The rest of the time, sunbathing is not recommended, as solar activity is too high.

The main rule of topless tanning is to alternate 5 minutes in the open sun with 15-30 minutes in the shade or water. The total time of sunbathing at first should not exceed 15-20 minutes a day. Then gradually increase it up to 3 hours a day, while not forgetting about half-hour breaks.

•    Apply sunscreen with SPF 30-40, but no less.
•    Be sure to cover your nipples with small pebbles or other objects. Otherwise, they will become rough and start to crack.
•    Do not use deodorant on the beach, and especially perfume, as some of their components decompose under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. And this is fraught with chemical burns.
•    Drink water. Under active sunlight, the body quickly dehydrates.

When you can't sunbathe topless on the beach

Unfortunately, not everyone can get an even tan while bare-chested under the sun. Such pleasure is contraindicated in:
•    nodular form of mastopathy;
•    nodular formations;
•    pregnancy.

Also, gynecologists do not recommend sunbathing in the second phase of the menstrual cycle. The fact is that at this time there is a hormonal restructuring of the body, due to which changes occur in the structure of the mammary gland.

Topless sunbathing is not possible in every country. So, on the beaches of Thailand, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Paris, as well as Muslim countries, such a hobby is fined.

Thus, sunbathing on the beach without the top of a swimsuit is dangerous, but only if you disregard the rules and recommendations. Therefore, take sun baths wisely and then you will not only get a uniform bronze tan, but also save your health.

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