5 поучительных фильмов для просмотра с детьми

In today's world, children are born with gadgets in their hands. Of course, not in the literal sense, but from a very young age they learn to use phones, they know how to change channels on the TV and easily master YouTube and other Internet platforms. If you look at modern children's cartoons and TV shows, you are unlikely to find anything useful for your child in them. But, of course, there are exceptions - good, beautiful, instructive and exciting stories that will be interesting to watch with the whole family. xxxx>

List of movies to watch with kids 
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"Paddington Adventures" 2014

A good story about a bear cub in a red hat named Paddington. He arrived in England from distant Peru in search of a real family. Paddington sincerely wants to become a real English gentleman, so he arrived in the capital of courtesy — London. But as soon as he arrived, he ended up on the London Underground, and with great difficulty managed to find a place to sleep.

This contemporary tale reminds us of the importance of family values ​​and of good manners, which in any case will prevail over rudeness.

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Dumbo movie, 2019

This is a remake of the famous 1941 Disney animated cartoon. The story of a baby elephant who was born with huge ears, even for elephants, which always bothered him. Because of this, everyone mocked the baby and called him good for nothing. But Dumbo did not give up and found his circus talent. He learned to fly! But the evil and secretive man wants to appropriate the unique baby elephant for himself.

A fascinating and beautiful story about friendship and self-confidence will not leave indifferent either children or adults.

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«Keeper of Time», 2011

An adventure story about a boy named Hugo, who unexpectedly becomes a timekeeper.Hugo lives in Paris at the train station with his homeless uncle. An unpredictable turn of events leads the boy to an unusual mechanism created by the famous Frenchman Georges Mellier. With this magical mechanism in hand, Hugo gets into exciting mysterious stories.

This film will take you to the world of true faith and love, where a person with great willpower and a good heart lives.

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"The Jungle Book", 2016

A new film adaptation of the famous story about the boy Mowgli, which was created by the Disney studio, will not leave any viewer indifferent.

A story about a boy who grew up in the jungle with a pack of wolves. He must survive in a cruel predatory world among wild animals. The boy passes the most difficult tests by the laws of the jungle, overcomes difficulties on the way to wisdom, strength and knowledge.

My default imageA captivating and instructive story about friendship, support and fortitude. Recommended for parents with children.

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"The Mystery of Moonacre" or «Moon Valley Mystery», 2008

Fantasy adventure film about the girl Maria. At the age of 13, she was left an orphan and must leave London to live with her guardian uncle in Moon Valley. In her new home, the girl notices many unusual and strange things. The stars on the ceiling of her room move, and at night she sees a mysterious white horse roaming around her uncle's estate. But then, Maria finds out that she is the last Moon Princess who can save the valley. To do this, she must reconcile the two warring clans.

This fascinating story will send not only children but also adults to a fairy-tale fantasy world.

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These films will not only be instructive for children, but also allow adults to escape from reality and plunge into the world of childhood, fantasies, dreams and kindness. Interesting stories, an exciting world of fantasy and fairy tales - a guarantee of a good mood and the right worldview in children. 

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Have a nice viewing!

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