Что такое тантрический секс и как его практиковать

There was a period when the teaching of Tantra was popular among our compatriots, and then interest in decreased. Now the fashion for tantric sex is returning. It is no longer considered from an esoteric point of view, but from a practical point of view: it is believed that this is a great way to refresh intimate relationships, raise them to a new spiritual level. To practice it or not, everyone decides for himself, but many couples will not interfere with a new look at each other and sex as a special form of communication and spiritual unity.

Tantric sex as a way to know yourself and the world

In Tantra, sex is perceived as a special spiritual practice. In  in accordance with this teaching, the human body — it is a sacred living temple, and unity of two energies — male and female — raises partners to the level of self-awareness as gods. The ultimate goal of tantric sex is complete physical and spiritual union, which doubles the energy of both partners, and does debilitate them.

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The intimacy that arises between a man and a woman opens up new facets of each other's personality, allows you to realize yourself and the world as a divine creation in a new way. There is no place for superficial feelings or fleeting pleasure, so tantric sex should be practiced with a constant reliable partner.

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Before you decide on sexual spiritual practice, you need to consider some nuances:

  • A woman will have to take the initiative on herself, so she'd better forget about complexes and selfishness.

  • A man should be able to control himself, understand the peculiarities of the body and feelings of his woman.

  • Tantric practices take a lot of time. Although they are believed to replenish the supply of vitality, no one canceled physical fatigue. It's better to schedule tantric sex for weekends when no one will be in a hurry.

Don't rush to start practicing if you don don't have enough time and energy. Make sure you both of you are ready to focus on each other.

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3 arguments in in favor of practicing tantric sex

Even if you don't plan to fully immerse yourself in oriental spiritual teachings, tantric sex is worth doing. Here are the main reasons:

  1. Happiness. Practices will give you a feeling of complete harmony of body and spirit, a feeling of love for yourself, partner and the world.

  2. Pleasure. You will discover new facets of sexual pleasure with your partner, which will enrich your experience and intimate life.

  3. Health. Old age — it is a loss of desire, and it can come at any age. Tantric sex will give vivacity, activity, desire to live, make you more attractive and sexy.

Tantric sex can be a successful experiment that will ignite the fire of desire in your eyes and awaken the powerful will to live. It's worth a try!

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Techniques for achieving ultimate bliss

The first thing to do is — change priorities. If you perceived orgasm as the ultimate goal of intimacy before, then you should now view it as a means to an even higher goal — spiritual unity. Tantric techniques raise energy from the lower chakra (energy center) to the upper one, which is responsible for connection with the divine essence. Due to this, and the highest pleasure is achieved.

During intimacy with a partner, you need to completely relax and control the degree of arousal, and a man will also have to delay ejaculation in order to achieve a "cumulative effect" pleasure.

The main thing in tantric sex — a long foreplay that can last for hours, revealing new facets of pleasure.

Tantric sex techniques are akin to meditative ones:

  • Waiting for touch. This is a special breathing-meditative practice that allows you to tune in intimacy. Partners sit opposite each other with crossed legs and imagine how, on inhalation, air enters the genital area and rises higher along the spine. Breathe and  don't rush anywhere. At some point, you will feel the urge to touch each other.

  • 10 fingers. Touch partner with your fingertips, constantly changing the pressure, number of fingers, intensity of touch. Don don't rush, let your mind be quiet and just enjoy.

  • Making. Sit facing each other so that your genitals are in contact, continue to caress each other.

  • Stops. It is important to control the degree of arousal, to postpone sexual intercourse, and it began to stretch for 1-2 minutes to enjoy it to to the full extent.

  • Breathe in unison. Change breathing in  unison to alternating (one inhales, and the other exhales at this moment). Use the one-breath technique: the man exhales the air, and the woman inhales it. It is important not to expel air through the nose. Stop when you feel short of breath and change your breathing technique.

  • Control of pleasure. At the moment of the highest pleasure, close to orgasm, you need to stop and reduce the degree of arousal. Let go of everything and try to feel where your energy is now.

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In the moments of stops, the sexual energy of both partners is transformed into a more subtle, closer to divine. That is the purpose of the practice.

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The main thing about tantric spiritual practices in sex

If you have a long-term relationship with your partner, you have probably already tried everything you think is acceptable in sex. The teachings of Tantra will allow you to reach a new level of intimacy. Try:

  • Make sure you have time and the opportunity to be alone.Tantric sex should ideally be planned for a weekend or vacation.

  • Reassess everything you knew about sex. Pleasure and orgasm are no longer an ends in themselves, but a means of spiritual togetherness.

  • Learn the meditation and breathing techniques of Tantra.

    This will help you experience new amazing sensations.

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Telegram Whether whether or not you believe in spiritual growth through tantric practices, they are well worth a try. Love a friend of a friend and don't be afraid to discover new things in sex!

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