Диета Магги: стоит ли дело выеденного яйца

The Maggie Diet, also called the "Egg Diet" has gained particular popularity in recent years. Significant weight loss, which is promised by the popularizers of this nutrition system, makes people all over the world believe in the possibility of a miracle.

But really everything is so reassuring, or does this diet have its own pitfalls? Let understand this step by step.

The Maggi Diet: How the "Egg Diet" Works

Actually, such a diet is not called an egg diet quite correctly. A really large amount of eggs is introduced into the diet, but besides that, it also has meat, vegetables and citrus fruits.

The ratio of all components in the  menu is distributed in such a way as to minimize the proportion of carbohydrates in the diet, and at the same time provide the body with all the necessary substances.

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The mechanism of action of the diet is based on the fact that the protein is quite difficult to digest and assimilate. The absence of carbohydrates, which play the role of "energy" forces the body to use fat reserves to provide energy for each stage of protein digestion.

The duration of the diet is designed for  4 weeks, during which, according to the conviction of all its supporters, you can lose up to 20 kg without harm to your health.

This — facts that are on the surface. And now about what is hidden under it.

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Maggi's diet: the pros and cons of the egg diet

Those who have managed to lose extra pounds with the help of this nutrition system describe the benefits of the Maggi diet as follows:

  • Eggs provide a feeling of satiety for a long time. And it saves the most difficult test that awaits everyone who loses weight — constant and ineradicable feeling of hunger. Accordingly, the risks of failure are significantly reduced, when a half-starved existence makes you go into all serious troubles and begin to destroy the contents of the refrigerator.

  • Egg white — an ideal source of easily digestible protein, and  the yolk contains valuable substances (lecithin, niacin, vitamins A, E many others) — this makes it possible to follow the diet for a long time without the risk of acquiring beriberi.

  • Following the "egg diet" you can cook nothing at all: this allows you to set aside extra time for training or for rest.

If the listed benefits impressed you, and you are already going to try the Maggi diet for yourself, don rush. Because                     

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High risks of health complications

Any diet high in protein, including eggs, is contraindicated for those who suffer from diseases of the digestive and urinary systems. This is due to the fact that proteins require a huge amount of resources from the gastrointestinal tract to transform the protein to the state of amino acids (it is in this form that tissues and cells need protein). And, secondly, when protein is broken down, many by-products are formed, which are conditionally toxic, and are excreted through the kidneys. And increased stress on these organs, if they are unhealthy, can have sad consequences.

The need to tightly control the amount of liquid

When consuming a large amount of protein, the body needs more fluid than usual — only in the reaction with water does the protein become bioavailable. If the volume of fluid exceeds the physiological needs of the body (more than 1.5 & minus; 2 & nbsp; l) — this endangers the health of the heart and blood vessels. If there is not enough fluid — protein metabolism products that can cause intoxication are not excreted from the body.

Persistent bowel disorders

Even after you finish your diet, you may experience flatulence, unstable stools (diarrhea, constipation or their alternation), and heaviness in the stomach for a long time. This is due to the fact that eggs are quite difficult to digest and create favorable conditions in the intestines for the reproduction of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms.

Unpleasant body smell

This is also associated with the characteristics of protein breakdown and the products of its metabolism. The skin, among other things, performs an excretory function — takes over part of the work of the lungs and kidneys, helping these organs to remove unwanted substances from the body. And a large amount of protein in the diet can change the chemical composition of sweat to the extent that even a thorough shower 2-3 times a day will not help get rid of the unpleasantly sweet or pungent odor of sweat. By the way, other biological fluids (saliva, urine, vaginal discharge) can also "smell".

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So, here are the pros and cons of the Maggi diet. Choose this diet plan or continue searching for weight loss products further — you decide. But in in what whatever you choose, we recommend that you first consult with doctor and make sure that your diet will not become a cause of health problems.

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